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Monday, August 8, 2011

TEA Party - Round Two! (Catholic Style)

If These Sisters Can Show Up To A TEA Party - So Can YOU!
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the wake of the recent vote by House Republicans and Democrats to raise the debt ceiling by over $2 Trillion, giving Congress the provision to raise taxes, as well as failing to balance the federal budget, it has become apparent that the TEA Party Movement has made a critical error. That error was focusing on federal elections more than state and local elections. As a result of this error, Washington DC has failed to downsize, the federal budget is not even close to balanced, and now America's national credit rating has been downgraded, resulting in stock market carnage around the world. Indeed, had the message of the TEA Party been successful, none of this would have happened, but to make that message successful now, TEA Partiers will have to redirect their focus.

The recent Budget Debt Deal that has brought on this crisis demonstrated that it is not within the ability of Washington DC to downsize itself, not even with the "right people" in office. The nature of government is to grow, and if we want to reign in the excessive growth of government we're going to have to do it by turning government against itself.

The ultimate separation of powers is not between the Whitehouse and the Congress, but between the federal government and the state governments. This is where the battle lines must be drawn. TEA Party organizers should focus on state elections, and putting people in power who will desire to rob the federal government of it's jurisdiction over entitlements and various regulations. In other words, we need state politicians who lust to seize the federal government's powers and put it into the hands of the states. But it must not stop there. TEA Party organizers should also work on electing county and city officials with the same desire, so that they can compete with the states over these programs as well. In other words, if the TEA Party wants to be effective for "round 2" than it's time for "TEA Party 2.0" and it must reorganize under the banner of SUBSIDIARITY...

Already Catholics from around the nation are beginning to rally to the call of The Catholic Knight. They are constructing the signs in their own creative ways and preparing to show up to the next wave of TEA Parties. One creative version comes to us from Steve Mueller and family...

Materials and paint cost less than $10.
These faithful Catholics have created bright yellow signs with the word "SUBSIDIARITY" written across it. Using discarded window blinds he cut them into the shape of submarines, spray painted them yellow, and stenciled the word SUBsidiarity across them. The catch phrase being: "Sink communism, save the family!" You gotta love it! There is a deep symbol of irony to all of this. I'll let you amateur historians figure it out.

More importantly though, bring your rosaries and set aside some time for prayer, because let's face it, nothing is going to save this country but God himself.

So let the Catholic SUBmarines sail out of port this coming year, and let "phase two" of the Second American Revolution begin. You thought the last two years of TEA Parties were a spectacle? Just wait until the Catholics come out. You haven't seen anything yet!