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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black Civil Rights Leader Defends Confederate Flag

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here is something the national mainstream news media will NEVER tell you. The Confederate Battle Flag -- the Christian Cross of St. Andrew -- is beloved by men and women all across the Old South INCLUDING black men and women!!! The following raw video, likely shot with a cell phone, will explain it all. Here you will hear H.K. Edgerton, former president of the NAACP chapter in Asheville North Carolina, defend the flag against those who banned its use in Lexington Virginia for a holiday honoring the Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  The celebration is known there as "Lee-Jackson Day." Turn up the volume, he has a thick Southern accent. Play it and replay it, over and over again, until you hear every word he says. This man has a message that MUST be heard, and if you're Catholic, you REALLY NEED to hear it. For the actions of our pope (Pius IX) and the priests, bishops and nuns in the South during that time (1860-1865), bear testimony that everything Mr. Edgerton says here is true...

If you've been told otherwise, you have been lied to! History is written by those who win wars, but in the end, the truth always finds its way out from behind the propaganda. There is an effort afoot in this nation, spearheaded by the NAACP, to crush all remembrance of the Confederate States of America. They have publicly declared they will tear down every Confederate monument and remove every confederate flag. They have publicly declared they will silence every good word that could ever be said about the South during that time period. They have made it absolutely clear that their intent is unending warfare on Southern culture and the good Christian reputation of Southern whites. They have stated their goal of complete cultural genocide. The Confederate Battle Flag and Naval Jack are just at the forefront of this epic. Like any flag during any war, it draws the most fire. You have been told it means nothing but racism, but I'm hear to say ya'll have been intentionally misinformed.

You see, there are those who use the Confederate flag for racist purposes, but since when to knuckleheads like that get to decide what a flag means!?! Those same numskulls use the American flag -- stars and stripes -- in virtually ALL of their ridiculous meetings and rallies. Does that mean the American flag is a racist symbol? Stop and think about it. It's guilt by association. It's as if the KKK and the NAACP were actually working together toward a common goal -- the defamation of all Confederate symbols. I suppose it's true that politics does make strange bedfellows.

If this flag offends you,
you need a history lesson!
I own Confederate flags and Confederate symbols. That does not make me a racist. I fly a certain type of Confederate flag from my porch. That doesn't make me a racist either. I do it to make both a political and cultural statement. I'm not going to defend myself about it, because I don't need to. Anyone who looks at me can tell I'm not a supremacist, and anyone who knows me would laugh at the very suggestion. There are tens of millions of more like me across the Old South, and a good number of them are black. You will notice in the video above several black folks in the crowd sporting Confederate flags, hats and t-shirts. Virtually every time I visit Myrtle Beach I see dozens upon dozens of fine young ladies wearing Confederate flag bikinis and it never fails, two or three of these young ladies are black. It's a cultural and political statement you see. This is who we are. We are the children of our Confederate ancestors, and we believe much of what they did. We remain within the United States, and we haven't risen up again, only for one reason. It is because we fear and tremble at what the federal government might do to us AGAIN if we try. So long as the fed keeps the economy chugging along and doesn't impose itself too much on our states' rights, we are content to endure the constant defamation of our culture and stay. If however, the fed can't do these things, well I guess anything is possible.

You can read more about H.K. Edgerton on his website entitled SOUTHERN HERITAGE 411.