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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Christian Flag of Missouri

The Christian Battle Flag of Missouri
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Christian Battle Flag of Missouri was created in 1863 during the Civil War. The first of these flags were made in Federally occupied Missouri and smuggled to Missouri troops behind Confederate lines. The second batch were made in Federally occupied New Orleans and smuggled back into Missouri. These flags were given to General Sterling Price, who issued them as the official flag of the Missouri Brigade. The flag was used for the South during the Civil War, specifically representing soldiers from Federally occupied Missouri, which as a result of the invasion of Union troops, officially voted to secede from the Union on October 31, 1861.

The meaning of this flag is self evident. It is a Christian banner, designed to convey the faith and character of those who fly it. The blue field represents perseverance. The red trim represents courage. The white cross represents purity, and the method through which that purity comes, the cross of Jesus Christ.

This particular flag is a powerful symbol for states rights and against federal tyranny. For Missouri was unlawfully invaded by Union forces in 1861, after having originally voted to stay within the Union. The people of Missouri chose to remain part of the United States, and for their loyalty they were rewarded with invasion, anarchy and war crimes by the army of the very nation they chose to remain with. Only after this incredible injustice did Missouri secede from the Union.

Today, this battle flag serves a similar purpose. It has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last decade. By flying it today, Missouri Christians (and Christians in other parts of America) are making a bold statement against the federal "tyranny of relativism" imposed by Washington DC, and in favor of Christendom (a Christian society), showing that while we may be presently subdued, we are not yet extinct. By flying the Christian Battle Flag of Missouri, Missourians are standing....
  • Against the tyranny of federally mandated abortion-on-demand that overrides our state laws against it.
  • Against the tyranny of federal courts that tell our children they cannot pray in school, and rob our cities of their historic Christian symbols, and forbid the practice of religion on public grounds.
  • Against the tyranny of federal attempts to override our state constitutional ban on gay marriage.
  • Against the tyranny of Obamacare, and all federal attempts to socialize medicine in the State of Missouri.
  • Against the tyranny of heavy federal taxation and reckless money printing that leads to hyperinflation.
  • Against the tyranny of a massive federal debt that threatens to crush our children's opportunity for prosperity.
  • For our Christian faith, identity, heritage and its influence on this state.
  • For human LIFE to be protected in all its stages, from conception to natural death, according to the laws of the state of Missouri.
  • For traditional and natural marriage as recognized and protected by the Missouri State Constitution.
  • For the God-given right of the people of Missouri to express their collective Christian heritage in city and state symbols, and for their God-given right to worship on public grounds according to their conscience, and for their children to pray in public schools.
  • For the God-given right to Subsidiarity, wherein the federal government takes a subsidiary role to the state governments, otherwise known as "states rights" or "federalism," and the people have a right to govern themselves autonomously through local city and county governments without intrusive federal or state regulations.
  • For a stable currency, and freedom from crushing federal debt, to secure a future for Missouri children.
Missouri Christians, STAND UP FOR YOUR HERITAGE AND YOUR FAITH! This flag is uniquely Missouri, and thoroughly Christian. There is virtually no other like it. Fly it from your front or back porch. Fly it from your car or truck. Carry it to TEA Parties, Town Halls and other rallies against Federal tyranny. Most of all, spread the word! Tell every Missouri patriot the meaning of this flag, and encourage its use for this meaning alone. The flag of our Missouri forefathers lives on today. Their plight was not too dissimilar from ours, for it is the same Federal government that is imposing its will now (as then) against the best interests of the people of the great State of Missouri !!!

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