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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


(The Blaze) - The Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) has just released a report titled “Euro Break Up—The Consequences,” wherein they predict the death of the euro and the long-term consequences should that occur...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: If this comes true I think it only helps the United States in the long run. Provided of course the momentum of this event doesn't cause us to crack up in the short run. If cooler heads prevail in the United States, and we can simultaneously implement our own significant austerity measures, America comes out ahead in the end. If however, our politicians continue with the status quo here in the USA, than panic will eventually set in as Europe implodes, and as a result, I think we could potentially go down with her.

Europe is likely to revert to a multitude of nation-states, barring the arrival of some messianic figure to save her. As for America, we could go either way, and a lot of that is up to how serious we are about getting our federal spending problem under control. Either we will suck it up, tighten our belts, and ride this thing out to better times. Or we will ignore the problems, let the crisis reach these shores, and end up just like Europe -- a fractured continent made up of multiple nation-states. Sadly, I think it may very well happen that way, and if it does, I'll stick with Dixie! I think I may have to move further South though. Hmmm. The Carolina coast sounds real appealing right now. Any of my readers out there know of some nice places to live between Charleston and Wilmington?

Personal musings aside, and getting onto more spiritual matters, I think what we see playing out here are the early stages of the minor Chastisement that is supposed to come upon Europe as the Catholic mystics and seers have foretold for centuries. The Globalist/Capitalist "New World Order" is collapsing right in front of our eyes. Naturally we can only expect the Marxists and Jihadists to take advantage of the situation. It shouldn't be any surprise to us, it's just in their nature. So expect it. That's the other shoe to drop. Don't ask me for "when" because I don't have a crystal ball. All I know is it WILL happen -- eventually. So when it does we can expect things to go from bad to worse. Now I suppose it is possible it may not happen all at once. We could see it spread out over multiple phases, each one getting progressively worse. For those of us who follow Catholic prophecy, the particular uprising we are concerned about is the one that forces the pope into exile from Rome. When that happens, as best as we can interpret the prophecies, things are supposed to get very bad, very quick, immediately thereafter. This will mark the end of our present age, and the dawn of the Age of Mary (a fairly long period of time) which precedes the Last Days before Antichrist. (See my notes on Catholic prophecy for details.) So all the more reason to keep all eyes on the pope, especially this one, for every word that proceeds from his mouth seems to be golden, and his efforts to reform the Church are truly heroic. Watch this man carefully, for if he is ever forced to flee the Vatican for his life, know that his time is very short, and so is the time we have left before the end of this present age.