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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Modernist Schism In Austria Continues...

Cardinal Schönborn presides over 'youth mass.'

(Vatican Insider) - It is still causing conflict between Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and dissidents. This wekend, the Archbishop of Vienna spoke out about the risk of a schism in the Austrian Catholic Church.The Episcopate’s leader reinforced his view with regard to the clashes among the clergy, that violation of ecclesiastical celibacy and admission of divorced individuals that have subsequently re-married, back to communion, places dissident priests outside the Church.

The Cardinal warned that those who are promoting the reform manifesto with its slogan “A call to disobedience”, will not succeed in putting the Archdiocese of Vienna on a collision course with the Holy See. “Everything is possible and I am counting on dialogue and cooperation,” the Archbishop said, extending a metaphorical hand but at the same time excluding any possibility of a break with Rome...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Well, I hate to say it, but where discipline is lax, schism is just around the corner.  I'll give Cardinal Schönborn this much.  He didn't start the problems in Austria.  He is not responsible for their genesis.  They did however, grow under his watch, and he did little (if anything) to correct them.  Spiritually speaking, Austria is in shambles now.  The schism has already occurred.  The only thing that remains now are the formalities.