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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Arcbishop Kothgasser celebrating a "clown mass" in the Cathedral of Salzburg Austria
(CathNews) - Highly influential Austrian abbots said this week that talk of schism in the Austrian Church could not be damped down, nor the current conflict resolved, by a meeting between the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, and representatives of dissident priests, reports the Tablet.

The Church has been in turmoil since more than 300 priests led by Mgr Helmut Schüller called for disobedience on matters such as priestly celibacy and Communion for re­married divorcees...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  So it begins!  The Modernist schism in the Catholic Church officially begins in Austria.  Dissidents are actually asking for a lot more than what they're letting on.  What they really want is a comprehensive change in the Church from top to bottom, ultimately resulting in a mirror image of what we see in the U.S. Episcopal Church.  As you can see by my last post on the raw statistics of the U.S. Episcopal Church, those changes haven't worked out so well for that organization.  Nevertheless, the liberal Modernist's answer to failure is always the same -- more liberal Modernism!

Let me make a prediction here.  I believe there will likely be a full schism of the Catholic Church in Austria.  This will make much news, and be hailed as being much bigger than it really is.  Other Modernist groups in other nations will likely follow their lead.  They may even try to make some kind of international network linking the groups together.  There is no way to know how large these groups will actually get, however, in the end they will suffer the exact same fate as the U.S. Episcopal Church -- graying congregations, empty pews and eventual parish closures.