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Monday, September 12, 2011

States Rights = The Final Pro-Life Push

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I am afraid we have reached the end of the road with the Pro-Life cause in America. Come 2013, forty years will have passed since the landmark abomination Supreme Court decision called Roe v. Wade. Since then, approximately forty million pre-born babies have been aborted (murdered) in the United States alone. It is an unimaginable holocaust dwarfing the Holocaust of World War II. In the United States, Blacks and Hispanics have incurred a disproportionate number of abortions per capita, amounting to a type of "voluntary" racial genocide. Since the 1973 decision, the United States has become the single greatest proponent of abortion around the world, second only to communist totalitarian regimes. It is difficult to imagine that God would not answer this abomination. We cannot expect Him to remain silent much longer.

In 2013 we will have reached the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and as some of my readers know, the number 40 has special significance in Biblical numerology. Forty is the number of years Israel wandered in the wilderness of Sinai. It is also the number of days Christ wandered in the wilderness of Jordan. Forty years is considered one Biblical generation. It rained forty days and forty nights during the great worldwide flood of Noah's time. Moses remained on the mountain with God for forty days. The Hebrew spies searched out the promised land for forty days. Jonah warned the people of Nineveh they had forty days to repent before God destroyed their city. Yes, the number forty has very special significance in God's economy, and because of this, if America does not repent of its great holocaust of abortion very soon, I fear 2013 will be a particularly bad year for the United States, forty years after the legalisation of wholesale infanticide.

The Pro-Life movement has been caught in a rut for the last three decades, relying entirely on federal politics. This is a huge mistake. It has wasted time and cost millions of precious lives. The Democrat/Republican game is a joke. For every executive order signed by a Pro-Life Republican president, another one undoes it under the next Pro-Abortion Democrat presidency. The Congress does very little to address the problem. Republican congresses almost never do anything to end the holocaust, but they sure have no problem using the issue as a political football during election season. All elected officials would rather punt the issue to the federal courts, which is how they manipulate the voters into voting for them, to make sure the "right people" are in office so as to get the "right judges" appointed and confirmed. Yet in spite of that, nothing ever happens. The federal courts uphold Roe v. Wade as settled law, and the Supreme Court seems completely unwilling to revisit the decision. So we're at a stalemate, and we've been at a stalemate for a very long time. The only problem is, this stalemate works to the advantage of the abortionists. It is to my great displeasure that The Catholic Knight must report what so many Pro-Lifers already know, but are afraid to say. IT'S OVER.

The battle cannot be won on the federal level. We're going to have to completely reorganise and attack this thing on a totally different front. The states are where the real front in this war is, and once again, like so many other times in America's history, it's all going to come down to states rights. We cannot win a sweeping victory in the federal government, so what we're going to have to do is win back the states. Now I understand that any state law and/or constitutional amendment will immediately be struck down by the federal courts, and that's okay, because we need to start thinking long term and factor in the soon-to-come chastisement of God upon the United States of America. Even if the federal courts strike down our state laws and amendments defining a foetus as a "person" from conception, so long as we leave those laws on the books (though currently unenforceable) they will be noted as the "will of the people" by none other than God Almighty Himself. In this scenario, it will be a clear case of a tiny non-elected minority imposing their will on the majority of the people who have indicated through their state laws that they would rather follow the law of God. This non-elected minority would fall under the portion of the Lord's Prayer that says "deliver us from evil." It will become a clear case of the godly oppressed by the ungodly. Thus, when the wrath comes (and it will soon come) it will more likely be focused toward the ungodly oppressors, and less so toward the godly people of the states that have chosen to follow God's law if only they were allowed.

This is the minimal positive effect of signing the "Personhood USA Petition." However, one never knows how God may decide to deliver us. It could turn out, as the video above suggests, that the Supreme Court Justices will revisit the case, and decide with certainty that the human foetus is a "person" protected by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, thus effectively outlawing abortion in the entire United States of America. I believe that is a long shot, to say the least, but one never knows, and just the mere possibility of this happening (no matter how remote) should be more than enough to cause every Pro-Life person to sign the "Personhood USA Petition." The people of the State of Mississippi have decided to put it up for a public vote. If they can do it, than so can every other state where Pro-Life people will stand up for their faith and the silent unborn.

So I am now going to ask you, my readers, to do this one simple thing. Sign the Personhood USA Petition, and tell others to do the same. This is our last great hope for the Pro-Life cause. One way or another, God will deliver us from this evil. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. Who's side are you on? Sign the Personhood USA Petition here. Then please share this article with others using the "share" icons below. I am counting on you, my readers, all one-thousand of you per day, to get this message out. Please, like you've never done before, start networking.