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Thursday, September 22, 2011

U.S. Government DECLARES WAR on the Catholic Church

The Administration's failure to change course on this matter will, as the attached analysis indicates, precipitate a national conflict between Church and State of enormous proportions and to the detriment of both institutions....

His Excellency Timothy Dolan
Archbishop of New York
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: These comments were recently made in an official letter from Archbishop Timothy Dolan to President Barack Hussein Obama. They are in regards to the administration's promotion of homosexuality and gay-marriage. The good archbishop is resorting to diplomacy here, in what has become obvious attacks on the religious freedom of faithful Catholics in the United States.

Already a few states (Massachusetts, California and Illinois) have declared war on the Catholic Church, one city in particular (San Francisco) in the most direct way, which the U.S. Supreme Court has sanctioned. Now under the Obama administration, the United States Federal government has declared war on the Catholic Church as well, and by extension, he has declared war on all faithful Catholics in America.

If you are a faithful Catholic, who believes in the teachings of the Church on marriage and family, than the Obama administration, along with the full force of the United States federal government, has declared war on YOU -- personally. According the the United States federal government, you (a faithful Catholic) are a bigot! No different than a racist, and the Church to which you belong is on the same par with the Ku Klux Klan. Your beliefs have been deemed obsolete and prejudiced. As far as this administration is concerned, you have no rights, or at least you should be deprived of them at the earliest opportunity. A few states have recently put a stop to your Church, the Catholic Church, from operating charities according to the 'bigoted' teachings of Rome. In time, the U.S. Federal government will actively work toward shutting down Catholic charities throughout the nation unless they comply with federal regulations against homosexual discrimination. Your children will be made to learn who is really in charge here.

The United States Federal government, along with a few state governments, most notably Massachusetts, California and Illinois, have effectively engaged in an undeclared war against the U.S. Catholic Church. (In the case of the City of San Francisco, the war has actually been declared.) The only thing missing are the bombs and bullets. No, the U.S. Federal government only bombs Catholics (Orthodox) in other countries, like Serbia for example, and limits its warfare against Catholics in America to legal manoeuvring. In this case, the legal battle is over homosexuality.

The United States has a very LONG Anti-Catholic history.
Many anti-Catholic ordinances are already enshrined
in state constitutions called "Blaine Amendments."
It has been pointed out here on this blog, and by numerous other bloggers, that religious freedom and gay marriage cannot coexist. One will always trample over the other, and in this case, the U.S. Federal Government has made its choice. From now on, Washington DC will favour gay marriage over and above religious freedom. Don't expect that policy to change if or when we change the administration. Republicans have a long record of failing to fix problems created by Democratic presidents. We cannot expect the courts to help us on this, not even the U.S. Supreme Court. So until the U.S. Federal government finally collapses under its own colossal weight, an inevitability many are already preparing for, faithful Catholics in America can look forward to fighting a new enemy in Washington DC -- our own government!

Please make sure every Catholic you know in the United States gets a copy of this message.


HaroldC said...

Unfortunately many Christians, Catholics included, supported various civil rights acts that placed legal sanctions upon some forms of private discrimination. It was never about whether there would be discrimination or no discrimination. It was about what forms of discrimination would be permitted or even required by government. When an issue (discrimination) becomes a legal issue, it also becomes a political issue. It is inevitable. At the time the CRA was passed the homosexual lobby possessed no political influence. Well times change and now they apparently possess more political influence than Christians and definitely more than Catholics. The abilities of the Church to teach the fullness of truth and minister according to those truths were more secure when the right of association was respected. But the persecution that the Church is undergo comes it has brought in part against itself.

Harold Crews

Anonymous said...

while Archbishop Dolan's tossing down the gauntlet to the s0 called POTUS, we should keep in mind his utter silence when gay marriage was being debated, then passed into law. Other sterling NY bishops (Murphy, Clark, etc) said absolutely nothing other than platitudes. Did Dolan threaten Cuomo with excommunication? No, he remains commited to more "dialog". Pete Frey

Dennis said...

This is true and this is awful but this is not even remotely surprising. The struggle against same sex 'marriage' is a rear guard action at best. We surrendered the this battle and the family decades ago. Where were the fighters when no-fault devorce was being pushed? Where were the fighters when women were entering the work force in unpresidented numbers thus insurung the demise of the family income job and that generations of children would be raised by strangers? Where were the fighters when sexual crimes such as adultery and homosexuality were being decriminalized? I simply find it a little humorous that the battle is almost over, and now the war cries are going out.

Alan Aversa said...

Meanwhile Fr. Rodriguez's bishop locates him for no real reason besides his fidelity to the Church's teachings on acts of sodomy.

Anonymous said...

Having read the documents of Vatican II on the Holy See's website I saw that there was a tone of being nice to others of other tastes, faiths, and cultures. However, this 1960's tolerant attitude, although seeming charitable to others, often lacks charity and respect for ourselves and our own beliefs, faith, and culture. In biology those that don't seek there own survival become extinct. Will traditional faith seek its own survival or accommodate everyone else?

Anonymous said...

well, Dennis speaking for myself I wasn't born yet, no seriously I'm 20 years, a good number of the Gay and Feminist incursions happened in the 60s and 70s another 20 years before my birth. I feel like a Templar Knight who arrived to the Siege of Jerusalem a week after Saladin took the city.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Catholic Knight, but this stirred me up something fierce when I saw this post you made. While I understand the Catholic Church's stance on gay marriage (I do because I was raised Catholic) I must point out, that if you want to say allowing gay marriage is "war" against the Catholic Church then you might want to remember what Freedom of Religion includes. That means that ALL religions have the freedom to their beliefs. This INCLUDES Satanism, Scientology, and Wicca; while you do not have to believe in what they do, you still have to give them freedom to practic their religion if they choose to (and please no replies about "well what if in the satanic belief they are required human sacrifics because that is murder" because I would have to turn around and fire back that then the Catholic church would have to be charged with cannibalizim considering that Eucharist is believed to be the actual body of Christ). This also means respecting the beliefs of Atheism and Agnosticism as well.
People think that the separation of Church and State is such an aweful thing. But those people are only looking at it from THEIR RELIGION, not from the religion of others. I agree with parents who complain about their child having to participate in a morning prayer to God, when the school doesn't offer a prayer up to their God. And honestly, how efficient would that be if in the morning at school children had to sit through not only a Christian prayer, but through a Buddhism practice, a Hinduism practice, Islam, Jewish, Wicca practice, and every other religion that happened to be in the classroom at the time. I understand a parent's frustration when their child is forced to participate in something that they don't want their child involved in.

I honestly don't understand why it is so hard for people, if they believe in something, to understand that just because the government doesn't recognize it that doesn't mean they have to stop believing it. If people believe that gay marriage is a sin, then keep believing it! No one is saying you have to stop, you just have accept the fact those homosexuals just don't believe the same thing you do. Perhaps the way they interpret the bible is different from the way the Catholic Church does. Which is the whole point of FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

Please do not think that I am trying to attack the Catholic faith, I myself do not consider myself Catholic anymore (but that is because of my own beliefs, ah the freedom of religion) but I have found myself humble towards all religions, and respect them all even if I don't believe what they believe. Which always has me questioning, why is it that EVERY Christian Denomination says that the only way to follow Christ is the way they teach it? But that is another question for another topic (which I personally find funny, which is why I do not denominate myself with anything other than being Christian now).

SouthronCatholic said...

@Anonymous (Fri 9/23/11)

Freedom of Religion is heresy. All other "religions" are F.A.L.S.E. Almighty God came down Himself and established the Catholic Church.

Also, separation of Church and State appears nowhere in the Constitution. "Article 1: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" This only means that there can't be a federal religion, and the Feds can't favour any particular "denomination." This in no way implies that religion does not have a place in politics. Indeed, the Founders themselves were very Religious.

For "separation of Church and State", you should look up the Danbury Letter from Thomas Jefferson to a protestant minister.

By the way, the civilization of the founding generation of the States and the union were all Christian. Our civil, political, and justice systems are based on Christianity which has no room for sodomy, feticide (abortion), fornication (sex outside of marriage and masturbation), etc.

These united (currently through force) States were therefor founded upon Christianity (albeit heretical). True (Catholic) Christianity holds no room for diabolically evil behaviours such as those listed above let alone false "religions."

Dennis said...

With regard to the last comment, that is little better than saying: If you don't like slavery, don't own slaves. Some things are wrong no matter how many people approve of them.

Regarding my earlier comment, I an 50 years old. I was too young to understand what was really going on when these things were happening or to have any influence over them. My point was not so much to lay blame as to suggest the Catholics might be well advised to be figuring out how tthey are going live in a world in which they don't matter of count for much of anything. The culture wars are largely lost and it is mostly our own fault.

The Catholic Knight said...

The culture is lost because the Catholic Church is having an identity crisis. Our priests, bishops and laypeople have forgotten who she is. Western culture IS essentually Catholic. The Protestants have contributed very little and the Secularists have contributed NOTHING. If anything the Secularists have actively worked to tear down Western culture.

So when the Catholic Church remembers who she is, and becomes strong again, Western culture will be revived, but not until then.

Pat said...

An earlier poster mentioned Father Rodriguez in El Paso. Here's another case up here in Canada where a priest hurt the feelings of some homosexual parishioners by telling them they shouldn't sin anymore and has been barred from active ministry by his bishop. This after faithfully serving as a priest for 51 years.

Anonymous said...

Mr Knight, the catholic church has been fighting a losing battle over many many core issues: Divorce (does any catholic hesitate to re-marry, even in the church?), contraception (widespread among catholic couples) abortion (catholic women abort at the same level as non-catholics), now stem cell research, and also "gay marriage" In 5 years it will be the "law of the land" Pete Frey

Alan Aversa said...

Anonymous: Any human law that does not derive from God's law is not a law; it is just a collection of meaningless words. Christ is still supreme, sovereign King regardless of what anyone may say.

Anonymous said...

Alan, Amen! Viva Christo Rey!! The little booklet, "The Reign of Christ the King in Public and Private Life", by Michael Davies is so good. There can only be the Peace of Christ in the Reign of Christ, that is, in the Church of Christ- The Holy Catholic Church. When, please God, the Catholic Churchmen return to their senses, the Holy Faith will once again inform the minds and hearts of men. Till then, become reservoirs in order to become viaducts. A Loyal Reader.

Alan Aversa said...

Is that little book by Michael Davies the same as his article in The Remnant called "The Reign of Christ the King?" It mentions the post-Vatican II butchering of the excellent vespers hymn of the Feast of Christ the King, Te saeculorum Principem.

Anonymous said...

Alan, Yes, I'm sure it is the same as the Remnant carried. I got it from TAN Books. It is called, "The Reign of Christ the King- In Both Public and Private Life." A Loyal Reader.

c matt said...

No one is saying you have to stop, you just have accept the fact those homosexuals just don't believe the same thing you do.

But that is precisely what teh gov't is saying - the RC must stop believing (or at least act like it no longer believes it, which is essentially the same thing). RC charities can no longer refuse to place children with gay couples - that IS interfering in religious beliefs (why can't the gay couples just got o another adoption agency?). The gay agenda is to demand approval through government intimidation by penalizing those groups that do not conform through loss of license (adoption agency license) or lawsuits (suing for failure to rent Catholic hall for gay reception, suing photographer for failure to shoot a gay wedding, etc.).

Confederate Papist said...

We Catholics have been warned in open public. Some Protestants are cheering the fact the Church is being attacked in this manner, others, not so much. The ones that are cheering will find that if the government is the winner in this battle, they will be you think they'll stop until all Christians are subdued or interred? No...they'll find other faiths as well.