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Monday, October 3, 2011

ACTION ALERT: Fourth Southern National Congress Announced

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Dear readers, it seems my leave of absence has been rudely interrupted by the march of history. Again I return from my hiatus to inform you of yet another important event affecting our people and our nation.

The Fourth Southern National Congress has been announced. Here in this forum, Southerners from across the old confederate states will have the opportunity to address various concerns and difficulties affecting Southerners in this tumultuous time in the American Empire's history. As I've pointed out in previous articles, traditional Catholics are playing a huge role in this revived movement of Dixie Nationalism, and the majority of its leaders are both Paleoconservatives and Distributists.

I want to encourage every Catholic reader of this blog, living within the original 13 Confederate States, to actively participate in this Congress. Please sign up to support, monitor the progress, and please actually attend if you are at all physically able to do so. We need to make sure our Southern Catholic voices are heard.

The Fourth Southern National Congress will convene Friday and Saturday, November 18-19, 2011 at Montgomery Bell State Park, near Dickson, TN, about 30-40 minutes southwest of Nashville, TN. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS