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Monday, October 3, 2011

ACTION ALERT: Occupy the Fed !!!

Federal Reserve Branch - Houston Texas
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The 'Occupy Wall Street' movement going on nationwide right now is deliberately designed to turn attention away from the Federal Reserve System which is planning the greatest robbery of the U.S. taxpayers in American history. Don't let them do it!!!

The Federal Reserve System is the greatest single evil ever unleashed on the American people. The Catholic Knight is returning from absence briefly to make this special announcment. I am carrying the signal to Catholic readers of this blog and I'm asking you to pass this message on to everyone possible.

There will be three protests of the Federal Reserve in Texas this coming weekend -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • FRIDAY - 6pm at the Federal Reserve Building in Dallas Texas
  • SATURDAY - 12pm at the Federal Reserve Building in Houston Texas
  • SUNDAY - 10am at the Federal Reserve Building in San Antonio Texas
The 'Occupy Wall Street" movement is designed to divert attention away from the Federal Reserve while they set into motion a plan unlike anything ever seen. If you want to save our culture and society, we need to put attention back on the Federal Reserve. If you live in, or near, these three cities, please consider showing up (peacefully) with your TEA Party flags, rosaries and 'SUBSIDIARITY' signs this weekend. OCCUPY THE FED !!!