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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Many Catholics Now Driving Modern Dixie Independence Movement


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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The emerging Dixie Independence Movement is now growing rapidly, and appears to be increasingly populated by Catholics, many of whom are taking leadership roles in the movement across the Southland. While it is impossible to calculate actual numbers at this time, reports are coming in to The Catholic Knight about many traditionalist Catholic groups, such as the FSSP and the SSPX, having a large crossover in membership with the League of the South and the Southern National Congress, especially in states that were part of the Old Confederacy (1860 - 1865). This of course is not limited to traditionalist Catholics, as many practical Catholics of all stripes are becoming partial to the movement.

Contrary to popular misconception, the modern Dixie Independence Movement does not seek to return to the past. While historical symbols, such as Confederate flags, enjoy wide popularity in this movement, the thought of slavery, segregation and racism is repugnant to these new secessionists. Recently, the League of the South, which promotes Southern independence, released a guiding statement for the organisation condemning all forms of racism and ethnic hatred, encouraging all their members to follow a spirit of Christian charity and fraternity (read the statement here).

Over the last twenty years the Dixie Independence Movement had gone through significant changes. While the original emphasis was on modern secession, through peaceful and honorable means, the goal is now refocusing on rebuilding Dixie after the inevitable and eminent fall of the United States of America. It is a fall that every American now knows will come, as they can feel it coming deep within their bones. It is a fall that is now unavoidable. The United States of America will soon be crushed by the colossal weight of its own federal government, national debt, and international trade deficit. When this happens, the federal government will likely turn to a police state as a short-term solution, but this will not last long. In the end, the federal government will lose control of the states, and when that happens, the states will be forced to take up the roll of complete governance themselves. It is at that time a realignment will likely occur, in which states will ally with other states they have the most in common with, culturally and economically, creating new nations from the former United States of America. In this sense, the fall of the United States will likely mimic the fall of ancient Rome more so than the Soviet Union. All together, the continental United States is a political/economic union consisting of approximately nine to ten cultural nations. Once the fall is complete, those nine to ten cultural nations will likely become new political/economic realities, just as Europe did after the fall of ancient Rome. Dixie will likely be one of the largest new unions as it already has a real historical, cultural, religious and economic identity. It will be a union based on state sovereignty, Christian culture and real religious freedom. For example; Catholic priests (along with all Christian pastors) will be able to preach freely from the pulpit, on any political candidate or issue, without fear of tax retribution from the I.R.S.. No longer will children be told they can't pray in schools, and religious symbols may be displayed again on public property. Each state can run its own school voucher program as it sees fit, without the worry of centralised intervention from the national government. To get there however, we must first endure the fall of the United States, and that will require much prayer and preparation on the part of the people of Dixie.

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