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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Liberal Hate and Intolerance

Actress Susan Sarandon
Former Catholic &
Current Anti-Catholic
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Here we have just one more example of Liberal Modernist hatred toward Catholics in general and the pope in particular. Thanks to comment moderation, you my readers are spared from the constant onslaught of nasty anti-Catholicism that frequently hits this blog. I would say this blog gets about 20 to 30 nasty hate-filled comments a week, most of which attack Catholicism, all of which never see the light of day here, because yours truly gleefully hits the delete button. I especially like the extra long comments, knowing that such person took a great deal of time composing them, watching them evaporate into cyberspace in less than a second. They can't say they weren't warned. I placed the disclaimer on the comment form prominently. So they are without excuse.

I put this link up today to bring attention to the new anti-Catholicism that is sweeping America. Unlike the old anti-Catholicism which was based on Protestant sectarianism, this new anti-Catholicism is based on militant Secularism and moral relativism.  Catholics and former Catholics who oppose the Church's teachings are treated as the little darlings of the political and entertainment establishment in the United States, while Catholics who are faithful to the pope, and the teachings of the Church, are considered 'dangerous' to American life.  So in the eyes of the national media/political culture, the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic!

This may help explain the 'Nazi' comments of Susan Sarandon toward Pope Benedict XVI.  Now she may actually believe this, or she may just be trying to score brownie points from her entertainment friends.  Either way, she has fallen into the self-loathing 'recovering Catholic' culture that has become so common in America today.  When anti-Catholic statements like this are made, we should call out those who made them.  It is anti-Catholic, and it is hate-filled, and it is intolerant.  Just because the person who made them may have been a former Catholic, or a self-loathing 'Catholic' who continues to attend mass for some strange reason, doesn't give them the right to make such degrading statements toward practising Catholics or their spiritual leaders.  Suppose we replace the word 'Catholic' with 'Jew' and replace the word 'pope' with 'chief rabbi.'  Let's see how that sounds.  Anti-Semitic comments are never tolerated any more and they shouldn't be.  Regardless of the intent of the person who makes them, they are degrading toward the Jewish people and their spiritual leaders.  Now it's one thing to have a point of disagreement with a religion, its adherents and its leaders.  It's quite another thing to start name-calling and comparing people to heinous figures in history.  The former is just a disagreement, while the latter is intolerance and hatred -- not to mention just plain immature and tasteless.