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Monday, October 10, 2011

New Danger Detected In Occupy Movement

There is more at stake here than you think.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT has detected a new danger in the "Occupy" movement as I've observed emerging patterns over the last week. The Occupy Movement is not designed to last days or weeks, but literally months, and it is not designed to end peacefully. The students and young people in these protests are not the real danger. They are the pawns, and they are designed to be martyrs. Their lives have been designated as "expendable" by those organizing the movement. A significant stock market crash is likely to occur within weeks to months, and when that happens, the United States will be thrown into the depths of a severe double-dip recession. As this occurs, simultaneously, the Occupy Movement will still be protesting on Wall Street, and throughout cities across the United States. This movement will swell in numbers, as more and more Americans find themselves on the wrong end of America's Servile State. Eventually, violence will likely erupt by some of these newcomers, and the current Occupy protesters will be labeled as violent radicals right along with them. Thus, the appearance will be created that average mainstream America is now surrounded by radicals calling for a "revolution" in the middle of a severely depressed economy. The hope of those who have organized the Occupy Movement is that average Americans will eventually call out to the government for help, to put these radicals down, and restore order to America's streets. That's when the government steps in with the Patriot Act and gives average Americans exactly what they asked for, but what none of them expected -- a police state.

The final product of this police state is unknown at this time. Will it be run by the government or the corporations? Will it be run by both? Or are the government and corporations one in the same? I suspect what we will end up with will be something even more deeply associated with the Servile State we already have. Americans will ultimately be forced by law to work for various corporations, and these corporations will be forced by law to take care of them, providing healthcare benefits, education, retirement, etc. On the surface it sounds like the solution to a lot of problems, but in practical reality, what it amounts to is modernized slavery. Failure to work for a corporation will mean the loss of healthcare and other benefits. It may even become illegal.

For this reason, The Catholic Knight, stresses that we must get intimately involved in this process now, before it spirals out of control. I don't know if the American Northeast or West Coast can be helped. After viewing video clips and pictures from the demonstrations, it would appear these 'useful idiots' of the Left cannot be reasoned with. Their fate will ultimately be sealed by riot police. (God have mercy on them.) It is the smaller, and more pliable, "Occupy" demonstrations in the Southeast and Midwest that might be more salvageable. We need to infiltrate their ranks and influence their message. This shouldn't be too hard because many of them cannot articulate their message anyway. Furthermore, much of what they say they want is contradictory, and this is because like most Americans, they don't understand that there are more than two ways to look at economics.

Americans have been trained from early childhood to look at the economy in only two ways -- Capitalist and Socialist. If one is not a Capitalist, so Americans are told, than one must be a Socialist, and vice versa. This is hogwash and pure poppycock! Capitalism is just as an unnatural and contrived system of economics as Socialism, and both will result in tyranny if given free reign. Nor does the answer lie in some artificially contrived hybrid of the two -- ergo The Servile State. No, the current system of economics is the direct result of man's abandonment of the Catholic Christian faith established by Jesus Christ and his apostles, and manifested most clearly in the reign of chivalry during the era of Christendom's medieval period. The Free Market, as it once existed under the reign of Catholic Christianity, was tightly regulated by kings and queens to insure that big business never got too big, and the rights of laborers were protected, most especially the right to acquire their own land and property for the purpose of building their own small business. Thus the system of economics given to us by medieval Christendom was a true "ownership society" wherein property was much more evenly distributed among the common people, thus giving them the means to more effectively control their own destiny. It wasn't a perfect system by far, but it did work, and it was a hell of a lot better than what previously existed under Pagan Rome, and what currently exists in both Capitalist and Socialist nations today.  This system of true free market economics is now called Distributism.

We are living in possibly the most perilous time in American history since the Civil War. I suspect it is even more perilous. If we don't try to change the message of some of these Occupy protesters, they will be led to their own demise, and in the process drag the United States down even deeper into The Servile State.

Please, if you live anywhere in or near a city under protest by the Occupy Movement, (especially a Southern or Midwestern city), than organise with other like-minded people and get hundreds of these flyers to the protesters. It would even be better if you could pose as a protester, hand these flyers out to them, and then distribute them to onlookers and those passing by, as if you were a protester yourself. Bring some homemade cardboard signs with you, just to make it look good. We have to change the thinking of these people now, because if we are unsuccessful, the Occupy Movement will eventually turn violent and force our nation into a police state. The United States must be allowed to implode naturally, under the colossal weight of our own federal government, national debt and trade deficit. Allowing a demonstration stunt like the "Occupy" Movement to turn America into a police state during the interim period is unacceptable, and the lives of these naive youths are worth more than the canon fodder of riot police. Helping them helps us, and it's not too late to do that. Please, organise and infiltrate, showing a true spirit of brotherly love and compassion. The flyer you need is here... DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

The Occupy Movement has not reached my area yet, but you can rest assured that when it does, 'The Catholic Knight' will be quietly among them, posing as one of them, and getting this valuable life-saving information to them one way or another. Likewise, I will organise as many people as I can to work with me on this project (just half a dozen should be more than enough). Please, in the name of all that is holy, join me in this most worthy crusade!