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Monday, October 17, 2011

Political Traditionalism

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  A loyal reader sent me a link to a new page on Facebook called Political Traditionalism. While The Catholic Knight does not have a Facebook account, I was sent the information on this page, and it sounded like a fairly viable school of political thought.  Political Traditionalism -- also known simply as 'Traditionalism' and its followers as 'Traditionalists' -- is a form of Conservatism based more on religion, morality and historic Western culture than political ideology. 

I believe Patrick Buchanan coined the term 'Paleoconservatism' to contrast his more Traditionalist Conservative beliefs with the emerging 'Neoconservatism' movement that has come to define the Republican Party, and is now threatening to completely take over the TEA Party Movement unless Traditionalists act.  While Buchanan's term 'Paleoconservative' is highly descriptive in a technical sense, it leaves the average population scratching their heads.  I think the term 'Traditionalism' and 'Traditionalist' makes a lot more sense when plugged into a political context.  Anyway, please check out the page and let me know what you think.  I think it's time we all start thinking outside the box in a political sense, and when it comes to politics in the United States, the two mainstream parties have pretty much lost their relevance.  People are beginning to define themselves in a more ideological or cultural sense now, rather than by party, and in the end, I suspect that is probably a good thing.  For better or worse, it shows that the general population is starting to wake up and think!