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Monday, October 31, 2011

TEA Parties verses OWS Protests -- What the Establishment Doesn't Want Us to Know

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The TEA Parties and OWS Protests signify something much bigger than the sum of their parts. They signify the complete functional breakdown of the traditional American two-party system. As both the Democrats and Republicans try to capture each movement, both establishment parties are learning the hard way that these movements are becoming unruly and unpredictable. TEA Party organizers are now preparing to politically target establishment Republicans, while OWS will soon begin targeting establishment Democrats. The Democrats will soon learn the same lesson as the Republicans. Embracing these protesters will do little to help their political careers. I've been saying this all along. Both TEA and OWS are two very completely different groups of people attacking the EXACT SAME PROBLEM from two very different perspectives.

It's like watching two dogs bark at up the same tree, one on the east side and the other on the west, occasionally barking at each other in the process. What's important to remember is this.  There is nothing the raccoon in the tree would like more than to see the two dogs attack each other and leave him alone. What is the raccoon? It's the Washington-Wall Street establishment. They've been robbing us blind for decades. TEA partiers and OWS protesters would do well to heed this pearl of wisdom. Don't take the bait and attack each other. There is nothing the establishment would like more.