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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

US Episcopalians Now Forced To Choose

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Absolute chaos is erupting in The Episcopal Church USA, as simultaneously Cardinal Donald Wuerl just announced last week that the creation of a US Ordinariate structure for Anglicans within the Catholic Chirch is imminent and should be complete before the end of the year.

The Episcopal Church USA has followed a course that has led it into a complete internal civil war. Besides ignoring historic tradition of Christian sexual morality, and twisting (or dismissing) Sacred Scripture to justify it, the national leadership of The Episcopal Church is now engaging in obvious abuse of its own laws to selectively punish bishops and priests who do not measure up to the national politically correct 'orthodoxy'. In short, The Episcopal Church leadership is now demonstrating that no orthodox Anglo-Catholic is safe anymore. National intervention into local diocesan affairs is just a matter of time, no matter how 'conservative' one thinks their bishop might be.

Anglo-Catholic Episcopalians are left with just two options to avoid certain persecution from their own national leadership....

Option #1: Leave The Episcopal Church for one of the continuing Anglican splinter groups, which may consist of several thousand members and questionable communion with Canterbury.

Option #2: Leave The Episcopal Church for the emerging Ordinariate for Anglicans within the 1.2 billion member Catholic Church, thus fulfilling the ecumenical vision of the Oxford Movement.

There it is. The choices are simple now. For staying within The Episcopal Church, closing one's eyes and hoping for the best, has proved to be a perfectly suicidal recipe.