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Saturday, November 26, 2011

ALLELUIA !!! The New English Mass Is Here !!!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The countdown is over, the new English mass is here!!! By now the last mass of the old "defective" English translation has been said in the United States, and it is permenantly suppressed -- gone forever! Tomorrow morning, we awake for mass with the new English translation, a better translation, one more faithful to the original Latin text. For the FIRST TIME in the United States, the Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo) mass will be said in English PROPERLY, according to how it was intended to be said, way back when it was first released in 1970. For the FIRST TIME EVER, Catholic Americans will hear the REAL WORDS of the mass -- properly translated. An entire generation has passed -- literally -- and for the FIRST TIME EVER the post-conciliar youth (everyone under the age of 45) will hear the English mass as it was intended to be heard. This is an historic day indeed. Enjoy it!

I cannot begin to stress enough the momentous occasion this is. It marks the beginning. By that I mean the beginning of the end for bland Modernist innovation. I also mean the beginning of the beginning for the restoration of tradition. Yes, it's going to be a long road to reform ahead, but from now on we will see nothing but progress toward that end, sometimes a little progress, sometimes a lot, but always progress. The Modernist experiment has failed, resulting in the loss of souls and the gutting of the Church. Those days are now beginning to die out. The new English translation of the mass is here. The U.S. Anglican ordinariate is soon coming (in just 34 days from today). The Extraordinary Form (Tridentine) mass is here to stay. The generation of the 1970s priesthood officially begins its retirement in this decade. The Vatican is to start a new commission on sacred music, art and architecture with the authority to enforce their directives. The whole Modernist house of cards is all beginning to fall. The historic Catholic Church is beginning to rise. THIS IS IT!   IT HAS BEGUN !!!   We will be the first to witness the reforms of Vatican II as they were originally intended! 

That's not to say there won't be setbacks, scandals, and delays in the future. There will be. Overall however, the movement is in the direction of progress toward the traditional Church. As I said, the progress may be slow at times, and fast at other times, but always progress, always toward tradition.

It's over my readers! It's finally over. No the fight isn't over, but the unfair advantage is. I'm speaking of the unfair advantage the Modernists had over English-speaking parishes and dioceses, up until this evening. Now it's over. They are crippled now. What gave them the flexibility to innovate was the poor English translation of the Novus Ordo mass. That flexibility is gone now. Anything they do against the new translation, or the rubrics of the mass, will be seen as a gross violation and DISOBEDIENCE to the POPE !!! That's not to say it won't happen. (It probably will.) But their cover is blown. They no longer have anything to hide behind. It's the beginning of the end for them -- unless of course they reform their ways.  If they reform, even reluctantly, than they come over to our side, and we gain new allies.  Those who won't reform would do well to retire at the earliest opportunity.

From this night forward, the only place the old English translation of the mass can be heard is in a protestant or schismatic sect.  My understanding is that some Protestants are quite fond of it.

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has now given the English-speaking Church everything we need to reform ourselves. In time we will. This is inevitable. That however, doesn't mean he's finished. There is more reform coming, but I do not know when. Eventually, the Novus Ordo mass itself will be rewritten, so the second half of the liturgy will look more like the Tridentine mass, but you're guess is as good as mine as to when. For now expect big changes at your local parish unlike anything you've seen in 40 years! Slowly but surely, with relentless incrementalism, the Holy Father (Pope Benedict XVI) is turning this great ship around.  This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad!!!  DEO GRATIAS.