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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another High Tech Lynching

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This article is specifically for my international readers. I want to show you exactly what kind of a racist hell our country has been, and who the harbingers of this inferno are today. They are now, and have been for the last thirty years or so, the Democratic Party and its elected officials in Washington DC. Readers of this blog know I am not a Republican, nor am I a conservative ideologue. Readers of this blog know I am a political Independent, an economic Distributist, and oppose both political parties as an anathema to the American way of life. This is one reason why. The political process in the United States has become so incredibly partisan that the various political parties have been literally fighting over racial demographics for the duration of my entire life -- all 40 years of it, and then some. Since the 1960s, the Democratic Party has been fighting to secure the "black vote" and has claimed that racial demographic for itself. Republicans have been vying for the "Asian vote." The "white vote" is split 50/50 between the two parties and always has been. Today's racial battle in America is over the "Hispanic vote," as both political parties have been fighting for two decades to get a hold on it. Yes, American politics is very much about race. It always has been, but not like you think. Things have changed a lot in the last fifty years. During the era of segregation, politicians fought over the "white vote" exclusively, manipulating various racial views on segregation and civil rights. After segregation ended, the racial politics shifted to the two parties trying to "claim" various racial demographics for themselves. It's been that way ever since.

Ever since the 1960s the Democrats have held a strong grip on the "black vote" in this nation. They do this by promising various "programs" for minorities (i.e. blacks) and promising better welfare, healthcare benefits and racial preferences (quotas). Of course, the idea here is to essentially "buy" votes by promising entitlements. Because of this, blacks have continued to needlessly suffer a disproportionate level of poverty in this country, as generations of black Americans become dependent on the entitlement system for their very sustenance. This method works very well for the Democrats, as they've been able to use it to secure a whole racial demographic almost exclusively. This has come to be called in many circles the "Democrat Plantation" hearkening back to images of slaves labouring on the plantations of the Old South during the Antebellum period, slaves who dared not leave for fear of what may come of them.

During the early 20th century the practice of lynching became quite common in various places throughout the United States. This is where white Nazi-style racists, usually called the Ku Klux Klan would take a black man and hang him from a tree by the neck, so as to send a message to all blacks in the region to "get out." Which many of them wisely did. Thankfully, we don't hear about lynchings anymore, but in my generation, I have witnessed a new type of lynching emerge on the national level, in a way that is so shocking and revolting that it makes me ashamed to be called an American.

When I saw this video above on television exactly 20 years ago, I was just as enraged then as I am now. I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. Based on the subtitle of this blog, "putting the sword to the tyranny of relativism," you probably can already tell I have a chip on my shoulder. It's a personal vendetta really, against the political and social anathema called relativism. I don't care to get into the details for this, but I will say it has destroyed my family, ruined my friends, and nearly (almost) ended my life. So until my dying breath I will fight back against relativism, in one way or another, because I hate it with all my being. Racism is a form of moral relativism, and this is especially true of political racism. When the Democratic Party does whatever it takes to keep the so-called "black vote," even to the point of the ends justifying the means, it commits racial relativism (i.e. racism). It infuriates me to no end, especially when a fine black man suffers because of it.

Twenty years ago, a fine man of colour (Clarence Thomas) ascended to the Supreme Court of the United States, based entirely on merit. There was no affirmative action and no racial preference used in this appointment. He was in every way the ideal set for our generation by the late great martyr for civil rights -- Martin Luther King Jr. For this he was persecuted beyond measure, his name dragged through the mud, his life nearly destroyed. His crime? He was a conservative, who took no favours from the federal government, and he was nominated to a high ranking political office by a Republican president. In this the Republican president violated an unwritten rule, that only Democrats could appoint blacks, and that fine man of colour (Clarence Thomas) broke a bigger unwritten rule in that he accepted the nomination! Once it was clear that Clarence Thomas had left the Democrat Plantation the high tech lynching began. Character assassination is the tool of this form of lynching, and 'sexual harassment' is the method in which the tool is used. The reason for this is simple. 'Sexual harassment' is difficult to prove and difficult to disprove. It is a 'crime' based entirely on the subjective opinions of the 'victim.' Whether or not the accused ever did anything wrong is almost always debatable. What is 'sexual harassment' anyway? In the United States it could consist of nothing more than a look, a gesture, or even a passing comment. As I said, it's based entirely on the perceptions of the alleged victim, and if that victim happens to be mentally disturbed (or looking for money) the alleged 'sexual harassment' could amount to literally anything -- or nothing at all. Most companies and government agencies are quick to pay alleged 'victims' because in doing so they can usually get a legal agreement to silence the case. This is regardless if the allegations are true or not, because the company or agency simply wants to avoid bad press. What better tool to use against a black man who has left the Democrat Plantation, and now by his own merits is ascending to one of the highest offices of the land. So this tool was used on Clarence Thomas in 1991, and so again it is now being used on Herman Cain in 2011. The message is clear. If you're a black man in the United States of America, and you dare to ascend to high political office based on your own merits, refusing to receive the help of the Democratic Plantation, than you will be lynched! Not on a tree, but in the media, and though you may not die as a result, you will be made to wish you had, because they will destroy the only thing that matters most to you -- your good name!

Clarence Thomas survived his high tech lynching, and he was appointed to the United States Supreme Court, where he sits as one of the finest justices we've ever had. To this day however, his name remains scarred, and few blacks will look up to him as an example, for fear of what the Democratic establishment might do to them should they dare to emulate him. Now twenty years later, another fine man of colour is suffering his own high tech lynching. Presidential candidate Herman Cain now joins the ranks of Clarence Thomas, as the Democrats in both the media and the government, attempt to do the same to him.

This disgusts me beyond measure. It is difficult for me to even write this. It causes me shame and embarrassment to be called an American when I see this. It is yet one more reason why I support the rise of an independent Dixie, knowing full well this Southern gentleman would receive better treatment running for president of a revived Confederacy than he would running for president of the United States! (Yes, I said it. Deal with it!) The South has learned its lessons from slavery and segregation.  We learned the hard way, and we are now especially sensitive to this kind of thing.  It is repulsive to us.  Watch and learn, my international readers. If Herman Cain should politically survive this high tech lynching, than he will sweep the South when the GOP primaries come, and I predict he will win every single Southern state -- every single one! First, however, he must survive what the Democrats and national media are trying to do to him. It's Clarence Thomas all over again. Below are two videos. One shows Clarence Thomas defending himself against the trumped up FALSE charge of 'sexual harassment' twenty years ago. The other shows Herman Cain defending himself against the exact same FALSE charge yesterday. Watch these videos, if you can stomach them, and just try to tell me this isn't the result of political racism. Just try to convince me these men aren't being strung up by a political machine hell bent on their personal destruction. In the later case, with Herman Cain, we are beginning to see the Democratic Party's fingerprints all over this, as one of Cain's accusers even works for the Obama administration!

We may have our political differences with Herman Cain. I certainly don't agree with him on everything, but after all is said and done, the man should be judged on the merits of his political ideas and the experience he offers as a CEO. He should not be judged on this three-ring political circus, this high tech lynching, this RACIST attempt to bring him down, because he never took a favour from the Democrat Plantation....