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Thursday, November 17, 2011

How America Killed Christianity In the Middle East

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  When the United States government attacked Iraq, we were told it was to make the world safe for democracy.  Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but it certainly hasn't made the Middle East safe for Christianity.  As bad as Saddam Hussein was, there was relative peace in Iraq, and while I certainly will not defend that monster, I will say that after he was gone the plight of Christians in Iraq got exponentially worse.  You cannot convince me that the Pentagon didn't know this would happen.  You cannot convince me that President G.W. Bush wasn't informed.  They knew this would likely happen, but the truth is, they didn't care.  They had bigger fish to fry in their opinion, and the health and safety of Christians in the Middle East was of little concern to them.

While all this was going on in Iraq, the Bush administration was instructing the CIA to orchestrate the violent uprisings of radical Muslims all over the Middle East, to overthrow the regimes of dictators that had become no longer useful.  After Bush was gone, President Barack Obama continued this operation.  Under his administration we saw these plots come to fruition first in Egypt, then in Yemen, then in Saudi Arabia, and finally in Libya.  The uprisings were successful in Egypt, replacing the dictator regime with radical Muslim groups.  In Libya, not so successful, as the dictator fought back.  In response, the United States (via NATO) launched a military bombing campaign to aid radical Muslims as they overthrew the Libyan dictator.  This brought success, and now radical Muslims control Libya too.  Again, the CIA is likely operating in Syria to effect the same type of revolution, and now the federal government (along with their agents in the national media) are beginning to beat the war drums against Iran again.  Iran is the final domino to fall.  It's the big one our government has been salivating over for a decade now.  The United States of America has been orchestrating a decade long campaign against the players in the Middle East, and as a result, Christians are suffering and dying.  What does our government have to say about this?  Of course actions against Christians are condemned.  These are the words of the U.S. government, but the actions say something completely different.  In word the United States government finds this regrettable, in action these Christians are clearly expendable. Actions speak louder than words. 

Why?  Why would the United States government do this?  That seems to be the mystery that nobody can get their heads fully around.  The official story comes from the G.W. Bush administration goes something like this:  In the past, the United States sought a policy of stability in the Middle East at the expense of liberty for those who live there.  As a result we ended up with neither.  So now the policy of the United States is to work toward liberty for those who live in the Middle East, in the hope that we might achieve some eventual stability. 

Well, that sounds like a noble plan on the surface, and it certainly sells to a large audience of Americans.  But is it true?  Is this really the one and only reason why the United States would commit trillions of dollars and American lives to military campaigns in the Middle East?  Or is there something more?  Secondly, even if it is true, and we have no other motive than to bring "liberty" to Middle Eastern Arabs, is that really how Americans want their tax dollars spent?  Is it really our "responsibility" in the world to ensure that every corner of the planet gets a crack at democracy?  Is that what our Founding Fathers believed?  Is that the purpose of the United States of America?

A review of the book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism tells a different story. Another book entitled Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage helps to put everything into better focus.  It would appear the United States of America is trying to strategically position itself for a coming worldwide oil shortage that is going to plunge the entire industrialised world into the greatest economic depression ever.  The intent, so it would seem, is to negotiate oil contracts with ALL the Arab nations possible, to deplete their oil supply first, as much as possible, so that when the "peak oil" economy hits, and production can no longer match consumption, and the price of gasoline shoots up to $10/gallon, the United States will be in perfect position to start extracting oil shale at a competitive price to the rest of the world market, thus putting us on course to become the "Saudi Arabia" of the 21st century.  Right now, oil shale is too expensive to extract, but in a peak oil economy, the price will finally be competitive.  In the process however, we need to have people in the Middle East who are so indebted to us, they will likely negotiate oil contracts with us, or with Europe at the very least.  That's where the Shock Doctrine comes in.  Certain large corporations in the United States have learned how to profit off disasters.  Whether natural or man-made, these disasters bring in big money to these corporations and that helps the American economy.  So to appease these big campaign donors, politicians are more than willing to assure that the need for a man-made disaster (war) is always present and ready to be executed at a moment's notice.  Their accomplices in the national news media are more than willing to help them by selling a propaganda snow job to the American people.  Whether it's the threat of WMD's, "liberating" people from an "evil dictator," or the threat of terrorism; the United States stands ready to jump into action.  When it comes to the Middle East, the result will be big money for those companies that help rebuild, and even bigger profits later when oil contracts are negotiated with the new ruling party we helped to install.  All of this setting us up for an eventual peak oil economy that will again make big money for American oil corporations. 

What's that about Christians in the Middle East you say?  "Ah yes, them, well they will be an unfortunate but necessary sacrifice."  So it would seem, as far is the U.S. government is concerned.


Anonymous said...

Sir Knight,
Tragically, to the bulk of  Americans,  Chaldean, Melchite and Marounite Catholic Christians have never been viewed as genuine Christians at all; you see, the only Christians who are 'real Christians' are Evangelical (and hopefully, dispensationalist  Protestants. the ancient faith of the ages in the Middle East counts for nothing but Popery as far as the puppet masters are concerned. As a new Marounite, i   come face to face with the harsh reality of this all too regularly. It is heartberaking!! it is a disgrace!! Evangelical protestants reading  this, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! What will you say to our Lord on the day of judgement?????
St. George pray for Christ's faithful servants in the Middle East who have defended the Faith for two millenia against pagan, Muslim and now Americo/Evangelical persecution!!

The Catholic Knight said...

Sarah, the best laid plans of mice and men...

My government here in the United States is the single most powerful the world has ever seen in all of history. The United States is the empire of all empires. Nothing in history can match our military and economic power. We are the most magnificent civilisation to ever be built, and of course the heart of our empire is New York City. It is the new Rome.

Like Rome however, we have our weaknesses. We may very well have overplayed our hand. Things don't always go according to plan, they never really do. The humble man allows for the possibility of failure in his plans, and so he make contengency plans. The prideful man assumes his plans will work, and so he makes no preparation or failure. I have noticed that ever since the Vietnam era, the United States has become increasingly more prideful in how we conduct business. It would seem that less and less room is being allotted for failure, both militarily and economically. This in my opinion is the pride of the United States empire coming into full play. One military defeat now might put our whole nation into a tailspin, because virtually no contingency plan for failure has been made. But then, who is to say it will be a military defeat that does us in. It could be financial or economic.

The Evangelicals have based everything on their belief that Israel is God's prophecied one. They base their entire theology on this. Indeed their faith is built around it now. There is no room allotted for failure. So should Israel fail to meet their expectations, should Israel suffer defeat in any way, and be forced to retreat or even evacuate, should the Israeli government fall, the faith of Evangelicals will be sent into a tailspin from which they will not likely recover.

sandymamma said...

So Catholic Knight, why do you endorse Cain and Newt when they will continue to carry out the same foreign policy that Clinton, Bush, and Obama have carried out. There is only one candidate that will stop the foreign aid to Egypt and free our U.S. govt. from the stain of guilt in the persecution of these Christians. That candidate is Ron Paul.

The Catholic Knight said...

Simple. I have not endorsed Cain or Gingrich. I've simply made an observation that these two men together might have enough pull to beat Obama. That is not the same as an endorsement. For your information, I wrote a very favourable article on Ron Paul earlier this year. Though it was not an endorsement either, I do believe that considering the field of GOP candidates, Ron Paul is certainly the least of all evils available that has a remote chance of getting nominated. Bachman and Santorum are dead in the water, as are the rest of the second tier candidates.

The Catholic Knight said...

As for an endorsement, you'll not get one out of me just yet. You may not get one out of me at all thus election cycle. For now, I am still waiting to see who the third parties put forward as their candidates.

Anonymous said...

The Libyans are all killing each other last I heard. It makes sense that some of these "Arab Spring" results were foreseen. Did anyone really believe the Arab countries would choose democracy over sharia law?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Peak Oil has been a constantly moving target. Some radical scientists believe in a theory called Abiotic Oil. That is the idea that the Earth manufactures hydrocarbons like a giant reactor. The Soviets seemed to have some belief in this theory.

The United States obtains very little oil from the Middle East. That small amount decreases each year, though there is no reason not to use theirs up while ours sits safely locked away underground.

The main culprit for sky high oil prices these days is simply that oil is a commodity. The dollar has been losing it's value, but a barrel of oil is still 42 US Gallons of oil. Now it takes more junk dollars to buy such a barrel.

Our wonderful stock market, if it was trading at Y2K dollars should be hovering around 26,000 points if it had just remained stagnant over the past decade. Think about that when the news folks are happy about a Dow at 13,000.

We have plenty of energy in this country.

Anonymous said...

YOu need to support aid for the church in need

Dan said...

It's refreshing to see that some bloggers are beginning at long last to recognize the role America is playing in the destruction of Christianity in the Middle East. About time, I say.

But like every action inititated by "the powers-that-be" there always has to be at least two reasons to engage in that action. Any good strategist will tell you the same thing. There always must be more than one goal to justify something like the illegal invasion of a sovereign country.

The Editor posits Oil as one of the goals, and that is certainly plausible. But let us not forget the other goal. In my humble opinion one of the best books written recently on these issues is Stephen Sniegoski's "The Transparent Cabal" (look it up on Amazon). Sniegoski lays out the facts calmly and clearly, and they aren't very pretty. He makes us remember that it is not only oil behind these aggressive and immoral wars but, as always, it is also Israel. This is important stuff we cannot ever forget.

And that Israel issue can be seen clearly (if we really need to) in the pronouncements of 99% of all Republican presidential contenders.

L A Winans said...

I am pleased to see a blog taking a stand in support of the Christian communities in the Middle East. I am surprised that "liberals" committed to human rights seem to forget the rights of traditional Christians while "evangelicals" appear to think that they created Christianity all on their own in the last 100 years. Liturgical Christians, Catholic & Orthodox, are generally ignored by our evangelical brethren.
--- L A Winans