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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How To Prepare For The New Mass

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: For about a year now, classes have been offered to Catholics to help them 'prepare' for the new English translation of the Roman Missal. Very few Catholics have attended these courses. Those few that have should consider themselves blessed. As for the rest of us, there is no need to panic.

The best advice I could possibly give you is to chill out, relax and take it all in. Everything is going to be fine. Just pick up a copy of the missal in your pew, and follow along. Yes, it will take you a few weeks to get used to things, but you will get used to them. Within a few months, you will hardly remember the old translation. Within six months you'll be reciting the responses by memory.

Something beautiful is happening here, and it's something really good! Not only will this new translation elevate the spirit of the liturgy during mass, but it will likewise elevate our vernacular culture. There is an old saying in Latin. Lex orandi, lex credendi. It means "the law of prayer is the law of faith." Our prayers literally effect our faith. How we pray effects how we believe. How we believe effects how we act. How we act effects our whole culture. These days our culture could use all the help it can get, and the improvement to our English liturgy will have some positive impact.

So don't panic. Relax. Everything is going to be okay. Come the first Sunday of Advent (in just eleven days), pick up a new missal in your pew and follow along. Try to think of this as a Christmas gift of sorts. Things were starting to get a little old and stale in the former English translation. Now Rome has renewed it. So Enjoy!

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