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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Pro-Life Movement Has Lost

(Florida Independent) - Nearly 60 percent of Mississippi voters yesterday defeated the state’s controversial “fetal personhood” amendment, an initiative that would have defined life as beginning at the moment of conception. Though support for Amendment 26 was much stronger than in other states with similar personhood bills, concerns over the potential consequences of the bill trumped support in the end.
Even some ardent anti-abortion advocates expressed concerns that the bill would not only outlaw abortion, but could affect in vitro fertilization and birth control use, as well.
National Right to Life was firmly opposed to Amendment 26, arguing that, if passed, the bill would lead to dozens of lawsuits — all of which could end up strengthening Roe v. Wade. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour also expressed reservations about the measure, but ultimately voted in favor of it anyway.

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It pains me to report that if the 'Personhood Amendment' could not pass in conservative Mississippi, than there is nowhere in the United States where it will pass. Americans have made their choice, and I am deeply saddened to say that my fellow Southerners led the way. The excuses voters made for this decision are unconscionable when you get right down to what they are saying: "We the voters of Mississippi, refuse to acknowledge the personhood of a pre-born human being, because it might create some complications in some of the conveniences we hold dear, such as in vitro fertilisation and morning after pills. Therefore, we the voters of Mississippi have chosen to refuse to acknowledge the personhood of pre-born children and continue to allow their wholesale slaughter in our state for this reason."

If this is the attitude of the majority of voters in one of America's most conservative states, than indeed there is no hope for us whatsoever. I have serious reservations now if even the South could rise independently after the fall of the federal government. This vote has likely defined the conscience of America's new conservative base. It is a conscience that is malformed and selfish. If this is the best the South has to offer, than indeed there is no hope for America, or for Dixie, and it truly is "over" for Western Civilisation.

Do not expect the mercies of God anymore. Do not expect God I protect America from her foolishness anymore. Do not expect God to spare us from the full effect of natural disasters anymore. Do not expect God to preserve our nation, our culture, or our people anymore. As is evident by the most neoconservative vote in Mississippi, we have consigned ourselves to the complete and total chastisement of God. We have consigned our people and our very identity to cultural annihilation. Whatever America gets now in the way of natural disasters, economic collapse, terrorist attacks or senseless wars; we had it coming. I say this pointing the finger at myself as an American. For if tomorrow God decided to let a meteor strike my house, I would say as an American I deserve it. Why should I consider myself any different than my neighbours?