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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vatican Official Sees Persecution of Christians In America's Future

Cardinal Raymond Burke
( – One of the highest ranking cardinals in the Vatican has said that the United States is “well on the way” to the persecution of Christians.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, former Archbishop of St. Louis and now the head of the Vatican’s highest court, told Catholic News Agency that he could envision a time when the Catholic Church in the U.S., “even by announcing her own teaching,” is accused of “engaging in illegal activity, for instance, in its teaching on human sexuality.”

Asked if the cardinal could even see American Catholics being arrested for their faith he replied, “I can see it happening, yes.”...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Why should this surprise us? The United States is already working to crush Christianity in the Middle East. Why not here at home too? We all know however, that the form of persecution the U.S. Federal government (and some state governments) will level against American Christians will be subtle and insidious. It works its way in the form of moral relativism and institutionalised political correctness. This is particularly evident in the debate over 'gay rights,' wherein churches are forced to change their teaching and policies to accommodate the state-sponsored homosexual orthodoxy. Already this has forced Catholic charities to shut down in three U.S. states -- California, Massachusetts and Illinois. This is just the beginning and the tip of the iceberg. The warnings of Cardinal Burke should not be taken lightly. He is a very wise and powerful man within the Vatican -- one of the Catholic Church's highest ranking officers, and potential candidate to the Chair of Peter (the papal throne). He has been right about many other things before. There is no reason to doubt him now.

In all likelihood, the rising economic and social crisis in the United States will eventually result in an 'unofficial' form of dictatorship, in which the president will eventually be given extraordinary powers to quell some unrest or perceived national security matter. Already the United States Congress is doing this very thing with the latest defence spending bill...
(CBS News) - The Senate on Tuesday voted to keep a controversial provision regarding military detainees in a Defense spending bill, setting up a showdown with President Obama.

The controversial language in question would require the military to detain terrorist suspects, including U.S. citizens, allowing for their indefinite detention....

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The legislation is designed to combat radical Islamic terrorists found in the U.S., however, we all know that the word 'radical' is a relative thing, and one doesn't have to be Islamic to be considered a 'terrorist.' The measure gives the president unprecedented powers not seen since the Civil War. (No president since Lincoln has suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus on U.S. soil.)   It also allows the president to use the military against U.S. citizens. (We haven't seen that since the Civil War either.) The potential for abuse of this legislation is phenomenal. To his credit, President Obama has promised to veto it. Hopefully he keeps his word on this.

We have seen now what this Republican Congress is willing to do to our civil liberties and the U.S. Bill of Rights. These are the defenders of Christian America? These are the candidates produced by the TEA Party? My God! Something has run terribly amok!

This however is just the beginning, as we will see similar efforts by future congresses to do the exact same thing, and one of these days, the president (whoever the next one may be) will take them up on it. Such powers lead to dictatorship, and such dictatorship leads to absolute tyranny. This is the future that awaits the American Empire. This is the final product of the Civil War. The shadows of Lincoln are resurfacing in the most terrifying way. Combine these proposed extraordinary powers of the president with today's politically-correct orthodoxy, and you have the perfect storm, a combination for a catastrophe in civil rights, pure government persecution of any Christians that cling to orthodoxy. Yes my readers, Cardinal Burke is right, persecution is coming.

Now that I've scared the pee out of you, let me balance this article with the good news. Nations rise and nations fall. Empires have come and gone. In all of this, the Catholic Church remains. We will survive this time of trial and tribulation. We will endure. We will overcome. If not us, than certainly our children, but I predict our time of American tyranny will be short-lived, because the United States no longer has the resources to foot the bill of a dictator for very long. The end result will be the collapse of our federal government, sometime after it has been exposed for the anti-Christian tyranny that it has become. When that happens, we will likely see the breakup of the USA into multiple smaller nation-states. As Our Lady of Fatima warned 'entire nations will be annihilated,' but in the end her 'immaculate heart will prevail.' This last prediction forecasts not only the restoration of the natural law and a time of peace, but also the triumph of the Catholic Church within the Christian faith, for no other Church honours her Immaculate Heart more than the one head-quartered in Rome.