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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Winning Team?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Loyal readers of this blog have heard me rant and rave about the coming social apocalypse facing this nation and the Western world in general.  While I cannot know the days and times of these events, I do stand by these predictions IF people do not change en mass.  Having said that I would like to remind my readers that I do not bow to the altars of political idols.  I do not believe that there is any one politician, or any one political party, that can save the United States from its inevitable implosion.  Only God himself can do that!  And only God himself will do it if we, his children, open our hearts and minds to the full Gospel of his Son Jesus Christ.  This has to happen to all of us, from coast to coast, and if it doesn't, than we are finished.  Like I said, I don't know the day nor the hour, but America's end will come.

In recent months you my readers have heard me muse on my Southern heritage, a heritage I hold dear, and my hope that a new Southern nation (a Christian nation) might present an alternative "plan B" to the United States when the inevitable fall comes about.  I still believe that such an alternative is possible though recent events in Mississippi, demonstrating the fundamental moral failure of voters, has caused me to understand that the restoration of Dixieland will be an uphill battle.  In response, I have called on my readers to huddle closer to orthodox Catholic parishes and monasteries as we attempt to enclave to create authentic Catholic communities to weather the storm that is approaching.  All of these suggestions I stand by, and encourage my readers to take seriously.

That being said, there is the short term to think of.  In less than one year now, the United States of America will have a presidential election.  It could potentially become the biggest election in recent history.  We have to take this seriously, and we have to think about what this nation needs, and what candidates are viable.  Yes, my readers, I too am an idealist, and I do wish for a better selection of candidates (and parties for that matter).  However, like all of you, I am forced to deal with what is available.

That being said, I would like to call your attention not to one presidential candidate, but two.  I am talking about Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.  While neither candidate alone may have what it takes to beat the Chicago political machine that is Barack Obama, the two of them together have a synergistic effect that is nothing short of political dynamite!   Herman Cain would make a good political front man, contending with Barack Obama for the presidency, while Newt Gingrich would very much be the brains behind the operation.  He's very smart, but not a good front man.  "Cain/Gingrich" would be a winning ticket.    This is not an endorsement on my part.  It's just an observation.  If you want Obama/Biden out of office in 2012, than Cain/Gingrich is just the combination you need to do it.  That's all I'm going to say about this.  It's up to you, the voters, to decide now.