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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Idiots Try To 'Occupy' The Vatican

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: What a bunch of IDIOTS! I can think of no other Traditional Catholic blogger, besides me, who has attempted to be fair and gentle to the 'Occupy' movement, but these people at the Vatican are morons! Wall Street I understand, Washington DC I get, but the Vatican? The Vatican!?! Seriously!?! Don't these dipsh*ts know the Vatican has done more for their cause than any other organisation in the world? Are these numskulls completely unaware that the Vatican is the only city-state in the world with a zero carbon footprint? Are these retards clueless to the fact that the pope has spoken out more times than any world leader against the inequity of wealth, the sin of greed, and the plight of the poor. Are these absolute moonbats knowledgeable of the fact that the Vatican gives no less than ninety percent (90%) of its annual revenue to charity!?! What an amazing display of PURE STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE!!! It is lunacy such as this that will eventually prevail in Europe, fulfilling the prophecies of old, that the Vatican will be stormed by a senseless mob, the pope will be wounded and flown to safety somewhere else, where he will eventually die in exile. Then, and only then, will the Angelic pope be elected, and the Great Monarch appear to 'judge his people' as the prophet St. Malachi foretold. I have always wondered what the phrase 'judge his people' meant in St. Malichi's prophecy. Now I know. He shall judge them for their stupidity!