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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The New Hungarian Constitution

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  A reader of this blog recently asked what my views were on Hungary's newly adopted Constitution which not only acknowledges, but honour's and enforces, Hungary's Christian heritage.  In my opinion, Hungary's new constitution is a good thing and a sign of things to come. While from a democratic standpoint this may seem extreme to some Americans, we have to remember that Hungary IS NOT a federal republic made up of multiple smaller republics (like the United States). Rather, it is a singular republic nation-state. Therefore, as a singular republic nation-state, it has the right to govern itself as it sees fit, and that would include protecting its historic Christian culture in a era where that is under siege by militant Secularism and Multiculturalism, which has resulted in the emergence of militant Islam knocking on their front door. While of course I think a return to the Hapsburg Dynasty, or some form of constitutional monarchy, is preferable, this is the next best thing.

I do hope the emerging founding fathers of the renewed nation of Dixieland will look to Hungary as a model to consider when drafting a new constitution for the reborn Confederate States of Dixieland (CSD). That being said, we have to remember that a Confederate constitution need not be so strict because a revived Confederacy will be a composite of multiple sovereign states. Thus a Confederate constitution would only need to support those actions deemed necessary by the states. So for example, if the State of Alabama, for example, decided the best way to heal its own wounds inflicted by militant Secularism was to enact a constitution similar to the one in Hungary, but customised to address Southern issues, than the Confederate government's only responsibility would be to support that state's right to govern itself that way.

Our Lady of Fatima prophesied that entire nations would soon vanish as a result of this great Chastisement coming upon the earth and I am now convinced the United States is one of those nations. What replaces the former USA will likely be a Balkanised version of North America. My hope is that all of these newly formed nations will use Hungary's new constitution as a template to remodel their own governments as needed to address North American issues which thankfully are not nearly as severe as Europe's problems.

This new Hungarian constitution is a sign that the old order of militant Secularism and Multiculturalism has miserably failed. A growing number of the European population is striving for a return to something more traditional - something akin to Christendom. Our Catholic prophecies tell us they will, after much strife, eventually get what they want in the form of a new Holy Roman Empire. I think the Hungarian constitution is a sign of this, a precursor, and of course the Hungarians will likely have the least trouble integrating into the new Christendom when it comes, (that is assuming they survive the Chastisement to come), because they're government was already prepped for it.

I believe the time has come for Catholics all over the world, particularly here in North America, to abandon the militant Secularism and Multiculturalism that has brought the Western world to ruin - both socially and financially. I believe the time has come for Catholics to abandon those forms of government that are actively promoting militant Secularism and Multiculturalism. This would include, but is not limited to, the United States federal government (seated in Washington DC), the French Republic, the German Republic, the Russian Federation, and all monarchies that are no longer Catholic. When I say abandon these regimes, I am not talking about violent revolution, which contradicts our Christian virtues. Rather, we should render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, paying our taxes and obeying the laws, but all the while supporting alternate forms of government which may arise in their place, so long as those governments are friendly to the virtues of Christendom.

Considering everything that has happened, I believe this to be our religious duty as Catholics. In those places where some alternative form of government may exist in embryonic stage, which is friendly to Christendom, than that alternate form should be supported and embraced by Catholics, all within reason and civility. In those places where no such alternate government exists, than I believe it is incumbent upon Catholics to create one, all within reason and civility. The time to act is now! The Secularists and Multiculturalists have failed us. The time now has come for all good men to come together and save our civilisation from complete ruin. We should show our Secularist Multiculturalist governments a vote of 'no-confidence.'