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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney will be the GOP Nominee

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Mitt Romney has just won the New Hampshire primary on the heels of a very narrow victory in Iowa.  Rick Santorum lost to Romney in Iowa by just eight votes but was soundly beaten by him in New Hampshire by 26 percentage points.  Romney also bested Ron Paul by 12 percentage points.  While a New Hampshire victory was predictable for Romney, it has reinforced the notion that he can easily carry all of the New England states in future primaries.

Rick Santorum's best chance at making a comeback is in South Carolina at the end of next week, where he trails Romney by an average of 10 percentage points, depending on which poll you believe.  Even if Santorum manages to pull out a narrow victory in South Carolina, that victory will be short lived when Florida holds its primary ten days later, where Romney leads against Santorum by 20 percentage points and Gingrich by 10 percentage points.  Then comes Nevada in February, followed by Main, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, Michigan and Washington.  Romney will win all of these states.  By the time we get to March, Romney will have so much momentum behind him that he will be nearly invincible. Romney will have won every single primary, with perhaps only one exception (South Carolina), and that's only if Santorum is incredibly lucky.  What we are witnessing is a repeat of 2008 but worse.  Romney is going to skate into the convention with more delegates than anyone else, while Santorum and Gingrich battle it out for second place.  Ron Paul, will not win a single primary, as expected and planned by those who control the type of candidates we get for the general election.

So the international corporate-money cartel wins again.  Americans will choose between Romney and Obama in November.  Both are corporate whores.  Both serve the money cartels.  Both will give us more of the same.  There is your choice America.  Enjoy.