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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secular E.U. Attacks Catholic Hungary

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  In what is a predictable move, the militantly secular European Union has launched a full scale legal attack against the people and government of Hungary.  The majority of people in Hungary are Catholic, and they have recently awaken from their long slumber to recognise the train-wreck that is the European Union.  In an attempt to save their nation from the threat of militant secularism and multicultural insanity, the people of Hungary have overwhelmingly elected a new government, and a new national constitution, designed to save their nation from financial, social and cultural ruin.  (read more here)  This new constitution limits the influence of non-Hungarians in positions of government and the media, establishes the cultural identity of Hungary as 'Christian,' recognises the unborn foetus as a person with rights and establishes marriage as strictly between a man and a woman.

For this, both the United States federal government and the European Union have assailed the new constitution as borderline 'fascist.'  They have all but condemned it, and demanded it be revoked or at least modified to reflect the so-called 'values' of European secularism and multiculturalism.  Now the European Union has taken it to the next level, threatening heavy fines and penalties for such insolence as self determination.

Let us pray this monstrosity, that is the European Union, is dissolved quickly, that the people of Hungary may be delivered from their enemies in Brussels and Washington.  Oh God, let not the collapse of the European Union be delayed too long...
(Telegraph) - Prime Minister Viktor Orban's conservative Fidesz party has been condemned by the international community for introducing measures that threaten the independence of the media, the judiciary and the central bank since sweeping to power in 2010.

The Commission, the EU's executive, said the laws governing the central bank, the retirement age of judges and the country's data protection authority violated EU rules. They needed to be changed within one month if Hungary wanted to avoid a procedure that could end up at the European Court of Justice, the EU's highest court.

Failure to comply with the EU means that Hungary is also stalled in its efforts to negotiate financial assistance from international lenders as it tackles the threat of insolvency...

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