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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catholics and Artificial Birth Control

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  The following is an open letter from 'The Catholic Knight' to all Catholic bishops in the United States of America.  Please forward this letter to your local bishop.  I write this as a faithful Catholic husband and father....
Your Excellencies,

During this time when we fight for religious freedom against our own government's HHS mandate, I would like to call your attention to a common problem we face in our Catholic families.

The culture of death is pervasive.  Our wives are under tremendous pressure to use artificial birth control, and this at times translates into pressure on we husbands as well.  To better foster the culture of life in our own Catholic families we require the following assistance from the Church...
  1. Regular and consistent Sunday homilies (from each and every priest) against the evils of abortion, sterilisation and artificial contraception.
  2. Regular and consistent Sunday homilies (from each and every priest) on the nature of marriage in God's economy, along with the Christian roles of husband and wife in the home.
  3. More open and frequent discussion on natural family planning in marriage support ministries.
  4. Family assistance in the form of scholarships for Catholic schools and the creation of good home-school cooperatives that are interconnected with regular Catholic schools.
  5. Inner parish networking for 'work at home' jobs designed to assist career home-makers.
In other words your excellencies, what we are crying out for is HELP!  The Church has done very well instructing us on what needs to be done, but has performed very poorly on assisting us in the process.  I believe it is this very circumstance that has done much to contribute to the culture of death that has penetrated Catholic families, and thereby assisted the Obama administration in this wicked and diabolical move to curtail the religious freedom of conscience within the Church.

We are with you 100% in this fight against the federal government's HHS mandate.  Regardless of the outcome, we hope your excellencies will use this sad conflict as an opportunity to reform and save Catholic families in the United States.

Faithfully yours in our Lord Jesus Christ,

The Catholic Knight