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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Secularism Is More Dangerous Than Radical Islam

(Catholic Insight) - In a meeting with various U.S. Bishops, Pope Benedict XVI said that the consensus which once existed in America supporting “ethical principles deriving from nature and nature’s God,” has faded. “Today that consensus has eroded significantly in the face of powerful new cultural currents which are not only directly opposed to core moral teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition, but increasingly hostile to Christianity as such,” he said.

The Pope was emphatic in insisting that the threat posed by current trends threatens not only Christianity but “humanity itself.” He said: “To the extent that some current cultural trends contain elements that would curtail the proclamation of these truths, whether constricting it within the limits of a merely scientific rationality, or suppressing it in the name of political power or majority rule, they represent a threat not just to Christian faith, but also to humanity itself and to the deepest truth about our being and ultimate vocation, our relationship to God.”

The Pope used strong language to describe the grave situation he perceives in America. “(I)t is imperative, he said, “that the entire Catholic community in the United States come to realise the grave threats to Church’s public moral witness presented by a radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres.” He continued, “The seriousness of these threats needs to be clearly appreciated at every level of ecclesial life.”

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Pope Benedict XVI has now warned Americans against the dangerous trend of militant Secularisation in the United States.  It is, in my own estimation, a trend far more dangerous to us than radical Islam, and threatens to do more harm to our Christian culture than Muslim jihadists could ever do on their best day.  Pope Benedict ought to know a thing or two about this.  He has lived his entire life in Europe, where he has watched first hand the horrors of Nazism, followed by the post-war Secularisation of European society.  Today, Europe is spiritually lost, just as Our Lady of Fatima warned the three seer children almost a century ago.  That once great Christian civilisation is no more.  The twentieth century killed it.  What was the cause of Europe's demise?  Was it Nazism?  Was it fascism?  Was it communism?  While all of these things certainly played a role in preparing Europe for her rapid apostasy, it was none of these things that finally brought it about.  No.  What caused Europeans to give up their faith was nothing more or less than Liberal Progressive Secularism!  With mind-blowing speed, Europe was returned to an era where practising Christianity occupied a percentage of the population so shockingly small, that numbers of this type haven't been seen since the days of the ancient Roman Empire.  Their embrace of the Secularist mindset brought about this immediate and dramatic decline of Christianity in Europe -- IN LESS THAN ONE GENERATION!!!  Radical Secularisation proved to be more effective at eliminating Christianity than Nazism, fascism and communism combined!!!

Now the Secularists have set their sights on North America.  They have infiltrated our schools, media, government and courts.  They occupy the highest offices in the land and sit on the United States Supreme Court.  They have been present among us for just as long as the European Secularists, if not longer, and their works are evident.  Many of them have ties to known hate-groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis.  Yes, some are in our federal government, and even some have sat on the United States Supreme Court.  I encourage you to listen to this short audio clip from Constitutional lawyer and radio talk-show host Mark Levin.  (I'm not his fan, but I give credit where credit is due.)  He will tell you where American Secularism came from and it will shock you.  The anti-Catholic bigots are still running America, and they have been for a very long time.  Think of it for just a moment.  While I am no fan of the former President John F. Kennedy, and he was certainly no paragon of Catholic virtue by any stretch of the imagination, he could not be elected president in this country without first RENOUNCING his faith in public life.  This is why I predict that Rick Santorum WILL NOT be nominated for president by the GOP.  While the man has many flaws, not as serious as Kennedy's but flaws nonetheless, he has refused to renounce the influence of his Catholic faith on his public life.  That killed his campaign right there.  Santorum will fizzle in the weeks ahead.  Mitt Romney, on the other hand, did renounce his Mormon faith in public life back in 2008.  So having bowed to the sterile gods of Secularism, just like J.F.K., he will get his party's nomination.  Whether or not he wins the presidency is another story.  That depends on different issues.

The Secularisation of the United States and Canada have now reached an unstoppable speed.  The Obama administration's recent HHS mandate is just a symptom of this much greater problem.  Word has it that another HHS mandate compromise is in the works.  We shall see what comes of that, but it changes nothing as far as I'm concerned.  Even if the U.S. Catholic Church wins this battle hands down, the fact that they had to fight that battle in the first place clearly signals that the United States of America, I was taught to believe in as a child, does not exist and clearly has not existed for a very long time.  The flags, the anthems, the mottos, the pledge, all of it; they are an illusion.  The religious freedom these things claim to represent does not exist.  Anti-Catholics have been running this federal Union for a very long time.  This is why I have joined the League of the South, an organisation heavily influenced by Catholic thinking in regards to freedom of religion, and have become a full-fledged secessionist and Dixie Nationalist.  Their Core Beliefs Statement and Statement on Racism were formulated with the help of Catholics and present a future vision of our homeland that no good Catholic can honestly object to.  The League's Statement on Obama's attack on Christians demonstrates a clear stand with the U.S. Catholic Church against the Obama administration's recent HHS mandate.  The biggest reason why I have joined the League of the South however, is its blatant and unapologetic stand against militant Secularism.  There is no other viable political organisation in the United States that takes such a strong stand against the Secularisation of our society.  Admittedly, the League of the South is a geographical organisation, representing mainly the sixteen Southern states of Dixie, thirteen of which seceded in 1860 - 61 to form their own nation.  One doesn't need to be a Southerner to join the League, but admittedly, the League's interest concerns the South.  Catholics in other parts of America are more than welcome to support the League, but I would also encourage them to form their own geographical organisations in opposition to the militant Secularism now promoted by the District of Columbia, otherwise known as 'The Columbian Empire' or 'Washington D.C.'  I would strongly encourage Catholic involvement in the Second Vermont Republic and the Third Palmetto Republic.  Both of these growing state secession movements will need strong Catholic influence to become successful and prevent an infestation of anti-Catholicism within their ranks.  Between the Second Vermont Republic and the Third Palmetto Republic, one will immediately observe two very different ways of addressing social problems, but both can be easily guided by the wisdom of Catholic teaching on Subsidiarity, each in its own way.  Catholics should also look into forming new state organisations in other parts of the United States.  Why?  Because in order to fight back effectively, we must bring into question the authority of Washington D.C. over us.  It's the Church's job to transform the faithful, and yes, the laity do have a role in that process.  However, when it comes to the political affairs of this world, it is not the Church's job to transform our political institutions.  That is specifically the job of the laity.  So if you think the Catholic Church is ever going to transform anti-Catholic Washington D.C., you can just get that silly notion out of your head right now.  IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!  Rick Santorum, for example, would transform Washington D.C. about as effectively as John F. Kennedy did -- which is nill.  The nation's capitol is un-reformable.  It's not just the District of Columbia that needs transformation, (a transformation that will never happen), but increasingly we are beginning to see anti-Catholic sentiments in many U.S. states as well.  Basically, wherever one sees a strong political push for homosexual 'marriage,' there one will also find a latent anti-Catholic bigotry just beneath the surface.  Again though, it's not homosexual 'marriage' that is the problem here, it's just another symptom.

THE PROBLEM IS MILITANT SECULARISM.  That's because Secularism and Christianity are two opposing world views, at odds in every way, having virtually nothing in common.  Indeed, Christianity and Islam have more in common than Christianity and Secularism.  If one believes that Christianity and Islam can never coexist in peace, an assumption sometimes accurate and sometimes not, than the dichotomy between Christianity and Secularism is even greater.  THE TWO SYSTEMS CANNOT COEXIST IN PEACE AT ALL.   One will always devour the other.  The only question is which one will pursue the more aggressive position.  For the last sixty-plus years, the more aggressive party has been Secularism.  It has destroyed Europe at a mind-blowing speed.  North America is next, and the Secularists are well on their way.  The momentum is gathering.  Christians in North America have this one last window of opportunity to make our last stand before the coming Chastisement of God.  We must break the hold that Secular institutions (governments) have upon us.  We must deny them their power to govern us.  We must make it crystal clear, beyond the shadow of a doubt, in no uncertain terms, that we will not submit to the sterile gods of Secularism any more.  They have no power over us.

Like it or not, America's Roman Catholics will play a central role in this struggle.  The Church has given her marching orders insofar as she is authorised to give them.  We, the Roman Catholics of the United States, have been instructed to disobey any government law or diktat that violates Catholic conscience.  Most recently, such an edict has manifested itself in Obama's HHS mandate on artificial contraception, sterilisation and abortion-inducing drugs.  What will become of this edict we cannot know right now but it does not matter.  Because even if the Catholic Church wins this battle, more will soon follow, and it won't just be against the federal government, but against state governments too.  Sadly, most of these state governments are in what is historically known as Yankee or Western territories.  So far, the Old South (Dixie) has been the only region that remains legally friendly to the Catholic Church.  Catholics must seize on this opportunity while it still lasts -- before this window closes and all is lost.

In addition to what the Catholic Church advocates, which amounts to limited civil disobedience against unjust laws, as a Catholic layman working in the political realm, I am advocating a counter punch against Secularism, which has not been seen since the advance of this evil since the middle twentieth century in Europe and North America.  Nobody thus far has called out militant Secularism for what it is -- EVIL.  Since it is evil, we must stand against it.  We are morally obligated to do so.  Thus we must also stand against those private and public institutions that promote it, and this includes not only various state governments, but the United States federal government itself.  After more than half a century, the time has finally come to fight back!  We are a Christian people, and WE WILL NOT voluntarily submit to a government that opposes our faith.  We cannot be expected to submit to militant Secular law any more than we can be expected to submit to Islamic shariah law.  Both of them oppose us and both of them are hell bent on devouring us.  Therefore, we will not voluntarily submit to them.  They must be forced upon us, and indeed they have been in various places, and we have had enough!  In the east Christians must deal with Islam, but in the west we must deal with Secularism, and in the west not only is Secularism more dangerous, but we still have a fighting chance against it.  This is why I advocate peaceful secession movements, not just in America but in Canada too, and the creation of benign Christian Republics that respect the rights of all without infringing upon our Christian faith or historic Christian culture.

My fellow Catholic readers, you cannot say that anything I've written here is untrue.  You know what is happening.  The signs are all around us.  You know the window of opportunity is closing, and if you stand idly by and do nothing, you have only yourselves to blame.  We are Christians, and we are bound by Christ's law of peaceful activism.  Let us exercise this law to its fullest extent.  Let us peacefully declare the reign of Secularism over!  Let us take back our land and our institutions where we can, and let us make our last bold stand as we wait for God to deliver us from evil.