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Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Of Syria?

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Americans, you have been brainwashed. I say this as a fellow American. Our CIA began orchestrating this "Arab Spring" years ago under the Bush administration, and now the Obama administration is seeing it through. Look what it has accomplished so far! In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood (a radical Islamist sect) is taking over. In Libya, the whole country is now governed by radical Shariah Law. Everywhere the uprisings flourish, radical Islam follows, and yes our CIA is behind it. The United States federal government is fighting a proxy war against anyone who stands in the way of plundering the Middle East for oil reserves and Israeli supremacy. The collateral damage is Middle Eastern Christians, whom our government view as expendable. The Chinese and the Russians have just vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling President Assad to step down. To which I can only say THANK GOD! Our government is out of control...
(FoxNews) - Russia and China vetoed a United Nations resolution Saturday calling on Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down, despite fresh appeals by President Obama and other world leaders following the deadly assault by Syrian forces on the city of Homs.

Activists say Syrian forces killed more than 200 people in what may be the bloodiest confrontation of the uprising against Assad's regime. Leading up to the U.N. Security Council meeting, Obama condemned the "unspeakable assault" and called on other nations to support the Arab League-backed resolution.

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