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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Date Has Been Set

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I cannot tell you how I have come about this information, but it's plain to see when looking at the national headlines today. Nothing I say here is new, but I will try to convey here what I have learned in a concise and succinct way.

The oil corporations, along with the military-industrial alliance, have given the Obama administration a date. I do not know exactly when that date is, but I speculate it is sometime this summer. On or before that date, the Obama administration must have the United States committed to war with Iran, or else these major campaign financiers will pull their support of Obama and hand it over to the Republican challenger, whoever that may be, thus insuring a Republican victory in November, effectively making Obama a one-term president.

So now we will see exactly what kind of metal Barack Obama is made of. Will he sacrifice American lives and bring the horrors of modern total-war to the Iranian people, just for reelection purposes, or will he stand up to the corporate elitists who obviously don't have American best interests in mind? Watch the president. The answer comes very soon. One way or another however, either this year or next, Democrat of Republican in the Whitehouse, this nation WILL BE at full scale war with Iran very soon.