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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Social science has now FINALLY caught up with the Catholic Church. The latest studies show that while the world population is growing, the number of children per household is actually decreasing -- EVERYWHERE -- even in Islamic countries! The reason why the world population continues to rise is not because people are having more babies, but because people are living longer. We will hit a population plateau within the next couple decades, which will be followed by a rapid decline in overall population. The effect of this will be a prolonged and unending economic depression!!!

Causes of Depopulation...

1. Career Women - Feminism.
2. Affluence - Decadence - (fewer children - invest more in each child).
3. Artificial birth control - coupled with sexual promiscuity - sexual revolution.
4. Cohabitation = less children.
5. No fault divorce = family instability.
6. Unwarranted fears of overpopulation (not supported by modern data).

Social scientists now admit that MARRIAGE DOES MATTER. MARRIAGE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. THE CHURCH WAS RIGHT!!! The Church was right about marriage. The Church was right about family. The Church was right about artificial birth control.

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