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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To Break Up America's Political Establishment

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Many of my readers in the United States have written me to lament the current two-party (Democrat - Republican) political monopoly. They have rightly assessed the hopelessness of the situation and the virtual impossibility of establishing a viable third-party. They ask me what they can do, if anything, to change the system.

I am now going to reveal to you the way in which the two-party political monopoly in the United States can be broken up permenantly. The strategy is really very simple, and it's a whole lot easier than trying to establish a nationwide third-party. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Here it is...


That's right, if your state doesn't already have one, then look toward establishing one. For example, I live in Missouri, and we don't currently have a state party. I would propose that some folks in my state get together and create the 'Missouri Party' or something akin to that. The goals and objectives of this party are simply to preserve and protect the best interests of Missourians against any threat to our state sovereignty from within or without. The state party should avoid controversial social and fiscal issues, focusing instead on what best preserves the sovereignty of the state, which of course protects the rights of Missouri voters. We would want to run state and local candidates for office, but we would limit our activities to that. We would not run federal candidates. In time, as each state party gains traction among their state population, the Democrats and Republicans will slowly lose their grip in those states, eventually losing their grip on federal politics as well.

State parties should avoid endorsing federal candidates from the Republicans and Democrats. If however, they feel they simply must endorse somebody, than the criteria should be based entirely on one thing. Which candidate will do more to preserve and protect the sovereignty of that state, and the right of that state to manage its own affairs.

If this strategy were enacted tomorrow, in at least half the states in the Union, than I predict by 2016 the Republicans and Democrats would begin losing control. By 2020, they would be bowing to kiss the rings of each state party chairman. As a result, local voters would have far more control over their local governments, and considerable more control over the runaway federal government. That is, if the federal government still exists in 2020.