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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Southern (Dixie) Take on Monarchy

(Southern Nationalist Network) - As demonstrated by Dr Hoppe, the democratic age has brought about less liberty, weaker families, a declining birth rate and total war. It should be clear that democracy is a failure. It is a regression back into barbarism, not a progressive step forward as it is generally understood today due to non-stop propaganda in its favour. Most of our Southern ancestors wisely rejected democracy and the ‘progressive’ agenda which came from New England and the North. Instead, Southerners embraced an extremely limited, aristocratic republic which in many ways had more in common with a traditional monarchy than a modern democracy. Once liberty and property rights were the key political issues in Southern society and government interfered little in people’s lives. The Southern population was growing and highly affluent. Under democracy today the South is the poorest region of the United States, crime is rampant, millions of Third World aliens populate our States, birth rates have dramatically fallen, hundreds of thousands of laws regulate our every activity, and war (generally aggressive) is nearly always present. The more democracy has been forced upon us, the worse off we have become. Under the monarchical system the West ruled supreme in the world by any possible standard.  Civilisation was on an upwards trend. There seemed to be no height to which we couldn’t reach. Today we live in a dying civilisation. The old optimism is rightfully gone and we wonder now if we will even be able to survive the present century. Not all our problems can be blamed upon democracy, but surely this awful, failed system deserves a great deal of the blame. If we are to correct the direction of our civilisation one of the things we must do is reject the democratic system. We can not return to the past; however, by studying our past and looking back at a more healthy age and system, we can find answers which can be adapted to our present problems in the modern age. Folks like Dr Hans-Hermann Hoppe are doing invaluable work by pointing us in the right direction...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  While most folks wouldn't normally associate Dixie Nationalism with monarchy, there is a school of thought among some Southerners that perhaps a more traditional form of government is needed that has strong ties to our European Christian heritage.  It's not hard to see traces of this element woven throughout Southern society.  For example, Southern hospitality harkens back to medieval chivalry.  Southern honour also harkens back to chivalry, when a man's word was his bond, and his integrity was not to be insulted.  Southerners have always been a traditional people, sometimes even to a fault, and this has caused us more than our share of trouble over the last century and a half.  While most Southerners would just desire things to 'go back to the way they were' in the Constitutional Republic days of the American Empire, a growing number are beginning to realise that is never going to happen.  Among those Southerners who yearn for independence again, some are open to discussion on more traditional forms of government -- monarchy in particular -- and this creates an interesting overlap with the traditional Catholic perspective.  The above citation and podcast is from a Southern (Dixie) Nationalist news blog.  I'm sure my readers will find it interesting.