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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Typical Anti-Dixie Propaganda

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  I saw the preview trailer for this film and I was speechless.  I didn't know whether to be offended, or laugh, or what?  I was just speechless.  The whole concept is just so ridiculous.  It's almost like a joke -- right? -- it is a joke?  Isn't it???  No, they can't be serious.

Ah, but they were serious.  The whole Civil War conflict has been rewritten into a Hollywood vampire film.  Yes, seriously... vampires.

It's called 'Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter' and I'm sure you can guess who the vampires are.  That's right - my ancestors - the Southerners.  I suppose of this were a low-budget 'B' film I would probably just laugh it off.  However, it looks like somebody put a lot of money into this.

Now I'm not into the vampire thing.  I honestly don't find anything that entertaining about people behaving as blood-sucking leaches, but hey, to each his own I guess.

In America it seems there are only two acceptable prejudices any more.  The first is against practising Catholics of course.  The second is against people of Southern heritage.  Folks like me just get a double dose I suppose.  Still, I wonder if the vampires in this film were black slaves how the NAACP would look at that.  If they were Jews, I wonder what the Anti-Defamation League would say.  If they were Native Americans, I would be curious to see the tribal responses.

In America today, we live in a culture where the South is so wrongfully maligned, so incredibly slandered, that turning our Southern ancestors into blood-sucking vampires is viewed as perfectly acceptable for Hollywood entertainment.  I post this strictly for my international readers, so you can see first hand just how debased, ignorant, insensitive and downright hateful (not to mention stupid) the prevailing Yankee culture has become in the United States.