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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Jewish Roots of Catholic Christianity

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: To understand Catholicism, one must understand that our liturgy, traditions and sacraments are based on the Hebrew roots of Christ and the apostles. Catholic Christianity is in every sense a perfect extension of fulfilled Judaism into the modern world. Unlike Rabbinical Judaism (an artificial man-made extension of ancient Judaism) Catholic Christianity draws its faith and traditions from the actions of the Jewish Messiah -- Jesus Christ -- which is Yeshua HaMashiach in Hebrew. The Sacred Liturgy of the Mass draws from the liturgical proceedings of the Synagogue's Sabbath liturgy and the Jewish Passover Seder.

There are many things we can learn about this. Brother Bob Fishman (a Jewish convert to the Catholic Church or "Hebrew Catholic") gives us a good introduction to this. If you are Jewish, especially a Jew who already believes Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah, please consider coming home to his Catholic Church, the new Israel of God. The Association of Hebrew Catholics (click here) has been formed to assist you in this. If you are a Catholic, you simply MUST watch this whole video series to help you better understand the origin and meaning of your Catholic Christian faith. If you are a non-Catholic Christian (Protestant, Evangelical, "Born-Again," etc.) then it is essential to watch this video series for two reasons. First, you will gain a much better understanding of Catholicism which should help you dispel many misconceptions. Second, many Protestant traditions come from Catholicism, which in turn come from ancient Judaism. Understanding the Hebrew roots of Catholicism will in turn give you a better appreciation for some of the traditions and customs observed in your Non-Catholic faith too. The video below is a six-part series. Each new part should start automatically at the end of the previous. If you have difficulties with this, simply click on the YouTube icon within the video to go to the source webpage...