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Friday, April 27, 2012

OH MEIN GOTT !!! Papa Ratzinger Calls Upon U.S. Catholic Church to "lead the way" in Revival of the Worldwide Catholic Church !!!

The U.S. and Vatican flags wave before the U.S. Capitol Building

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  In a stunning announcement on Monday, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI (via the apostolic nuncio to the United States Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano) has just laid the heaviest burden in 2,000 years on the shoulders of Catholic Americans.  Realizing that Christianity in Europe is beyond recovery, the Holy Father has called upon the U.S. Catholic Church to "lead the way" in revival of the whole Catholic world....

(CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI wants the Catholic Church in America to be in the forefront of reviving Catholicism worldwide, the apostolic nuncio to the United States said in Columbus.
"The Church in the United States should lead the entire Church in the world" in a revitalization effort, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano said. "This is a great task, but you have the determination and the grace to do it. This I know is the vision of the Holy Father regarding the Church in the United States."
The archbishop was speaking to an audience of seminarians and benefactors of the Pontifical College Josephinum at its annual rector's dinner April 23. He called on the American Church to go beyond its mission of evangelizing the United States and "to be missionaries not only to the Third World, but especially to the countries of Europe.
"Christianity (in Europe) in some way has lost its strength and needs an example," he said, noting "very positive signs of growth" in vocations to the priesthood and the religious life in the United States.

Archbishop Vigano said he especially wanted to direct his message to young people, particularly those studying for the priesthood at the Josephinum.

The institution has experienced substantial growth in recent years and currently has an enrollment of more than 180 men, its highest in 25 years. They represent 29 dioceses from all over the United States, including six that sent seminarians to the institution for the first time this year, and their ethnic and cultural backgrounds echo the diversity of the American Church as a whole...

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Considering the magnitude of the loss in the worldwide Catholic Church ever since the Second Vatican Council, the prospect of this burden being laid at the feet of Catholics Americans is staggering. Yet, the Holy Father has called upon us to rise to the occasion. What can we do but respond in the affirmative?  The Holy Father has called upon us.  Holy Mother Church needs us.  It's time to clean our own house, and in this, we may rise to the occasion.  The recent rise in U.S. vocations is a direct response to traditional renewal in liturgy and orthodoxy within the U.S. Catholic Church.  Liberal seminaries continue to flounder, while traditional seminaries are busting at the seems with new vocations.  It is clear what the path forward is.
Please pass this message on to every Catholic you know.