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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Prescription for Catholic Renewal in the United States

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The following is a prescription for renewal of the Roman Rite within U.S. Catholic Church.  It's bitter medicine to be sure, but I am certain it will result in her long-term and sustained renewal....
  1. Formerly drop the Church's (501c3) tax-exemption status, or else allow the federal government to revoke it, then begin selling off hospitals, clinics and parish buildings that can no longer serve as Catholic institutions functionally.  This will help shore up the loss of income resulting in decreased donations, and simultaneously reduce the financial overhead of various dioceses. 
  2. Immediately clean out all leadership in convents and monasteries that do not cling 100% to traditional Catholic teaching and practice.  Then hand these monasteries and convents over to those religious orders that have been faithful to traditional Catholic teaching and practice, informing those nuns to make full use of this new space immediately, expanding their reach and growth as quickly as possible.
  3. Order that all these convents put an emphasis on teaching sisters how to educate children, particularly in the elementary skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.  In other words, prepare them to become school teachers.
  4. Order that each parish with a school begin making preparation to receive into permanent residence religious sisters for future school teachers.  This will allow the convents and monasteries to serve primarily as training centres for formation, while many (not necessarily all) religious brothers and sisters will eventually find themselves in permanent residence at a local parish and/or Catholic school.
  5. Instruct all priests, young and old, that they are to catechise the faithful in their Sunday homilies in the evils of sin, and the means of salvation, and the need for regular sacramental confession. Likewise, the bishops SIMPLY MUST begin publicly excommunicating those high profile Catholics (particularly politicians and celebrities) who unrepentantly give cause for public scandal in the Church.
  6. In conference of the bishops, no longer constrained by the (501c3) tax-exemption status, a political outline should be drawn up each election year, stating the Church's positions on various issues and candidates.  This political outline must be read from the pulpit of every Catholic parish on a given Sunday before an election, and a printed copy provided to each parishioner of voting age.  
  7. Last but not least, each bishop should take care to make sure that each and every parish is following the most strict liturgical standards for their celebration of mass and other liturgies.  In addition, the local bishop should make sure that the faithful in each region of his diocese has ample access to the Traditional Latin (Tridentine) mass.  Furthermore, each bishop should do a bi-annual audit of the doctrinal teachings of each parish for the next ten years, followed by a five-year audit after that, so as to insure the faithful are receiving proper Catholic formation in each parish.  

Please feel free to copy and distribute as you see fit.