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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

America The Damned

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The United States of America has been judged, found wanting, and damned to extinction. I don't say that as a modern prophet of doom. No. I am simply pointing out the obvious, which is as plain as the nose on Uncle Sam's face. It's the proverbial elephant in the living room that nobody wants to talk about, but is crushing the coffee table. I say this as an American, about my own nation, with sadness. The tears however, were spent long ago. Today I no longer lament the inevitable loss of my nation, but instead look forward to the future of what might be, if indeed God is merciful and we are able to rise to the occasion.

The United States was judged on September 11, 2001. This was exactly eleven years, to the day, after former President George H.W. Bush delivered his famous 'New World Order' speech to Congress, outlining the principles and methods through which the United States would become the world's leading superpower, and how our governance through the United Nations would bring about a new era of global stability and cheap energy. What former President Bush didn't tell Congress was that in order to accomplish this New World Order, it would involve a fascist alliance between the federal government and big oil cartels, as well as other massive international corporations. This of course required heavy involvement in the Middle Eastern Arab nations. The political blow-back for this speech (and its accompanying economic and military actions) came exactly eleven years later to the date, and I believe this was fully intentional. Islamic radicals, embodied in Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda terrorist network, let America know what it thought of this New World Order.

The election of George H.W. Bush's son (George W. Bush) to the presidency a year before the 9-11 attacks, insured America's deeper response toward the New World Order, and that in turn insured our demise as a nation. While the New World Order may be the tool of America's demise, it is not likely the cause. The cause of America's demise is immorality both on the part of the people of the United States, and their state and federal governments...
  1. Impiety, as Americans turned away from God in the late 1960s through 1990s.
  2. Sexual Immorality, in every form imaginable, from fornication to homosexuality, coddled by society, the states and the federal government.
  3. Murder of Innocence, in the form of legalised abortion on demand, a sin which cries out to heaven for justice.
  4. Human cloning, foetal stem-cell research, and euthanasia (in some states).
  5. Greed, as small family businesses were destroyed to favour large corporations.
  6. Greed, as "little-people" working in large corporations were not paid a living wage.
  7. Heartlessness, as the sick and elderly were forced to financially grapple with profit-driven insurance companies for their basic health care needs.  Meanwhile, many of those who had good insurance benefits "blamed the poor" for their woes, and thwarted every government attempt to remedy the problem.
  8. Hypocrisy, as America's religious leaders focused more on building mega-churches and media empires rather than schools, nursing homes and hospitals.
The judgement that has come upon the United States, this new Roman Empire, is not only upon her government, but upon her people as well, of which I (as an American) am under.  As a Christian American I embrace the judgement of my God willingly, knowing that I am deserving, and I beg only for his mercy.  There is no justification I can give for myself or my people.  God is just and he has been MORE than fair with us.  In fact, I would say he has been exceedingly generous far beyond what we deserve.  To my international readers, I implore you, pray for us, but please, shed no tears for us.  We have only brought this upon ourselves.

Al Qaeda terrorists struck back against the New
World Order by crashing two commercial
jets into the World Trade Centre in New York, and
two more were planned for the Pentagon Building in
Washington DC.  Only one made it there.  This was
"blow back" retaliation toward the industrial - military
complex that form the backbone of the New World Order.

America's demise is absolute and certain.  Only a miracle could save us -- a miracle we do not deserve by any stretch of the imagination - a miracle I do not expect to happen.  Our national debt alone is enough to crush us economically, but that is only the tip of the iceberg this great ship has hit.  We are sinking, and we have not enough lifeboats to save us all, and there is nobody who can help.  The bow of our ship slumps down beneath the ocean waves but the musical band keeps playing on the decks above, and the waiters are serving champagne.  Drink up my fellow Americans!  For we know most of the rich among you will survive, having used your wealth to insure your seat of safety when the time comes.  (Many of you have already left -- and you know who you are.)  As for the rest of us, we are going down with our ship, and so be it.  God's will be done.

The sinking of America is going to be a little different than the sinking of the Titanic though.  Unlike those poor souls at sea, the people of the United States actually do have plenty of resources available.  There is land, and plenty of it.  There are trees for wood, rain for crops, and roads for transportation.  When the Roman Empire fell 1,600 years ago, the Christians of Europe used these same resources to rebuild what eventually came to be known as Christendom.  It was a long and hard time of recovery to be sure, lasting a few hundred years, but what was rebuilt turned out to be better than what once existed -- MUCH better.  When Rome fell, they did not forget how to make catapults and armour.  Nor did they forget how to farm or build houses.  In fact, all of these technologies continued to improve without the Roman Empire.  So it will be when the United States is gone.  The world existed without us before, and it will learn to thrive without us again.  Only the time following our immediate demise will disrupt it.  For an empire is like a great fist plunged into a bucket of water.  The water is the world, and the water is displaced so long as the fist remains, even until the water calms and become still around it.  When however the fist is removed, how long does it take for the water to fill the hole that is left behind?  Yes, the time following its removal will be marked by waves, turbulence and uncertainty, just as the water in the bucket thrashes about accordingly.  In time however, it will settle down, and a new equilibrium will begin to emerge.

As for the people of the United States, I have no doubt that those who survive the flailing and thrashing of our dying empire's last breaths, shall emerge as new peoples of many new nations, just as our ancestors did in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.   For this reason, some of us have begun to look at the fledgling nations that emerged here in centuries past (Dixie, Vermont, Texas, etc.), and consider their possible revival.  Others look to entirely new possibilities.  Such daydreaming is not for the faint hearted.  For it is the pass time only for those who know the truth and are are able to cope with it.  It is a venture most suited for Christians, (Catholic Christians especially), who have dealt with these things before, and are already citizens of another country not built with human hands.  For nations rise and nations fall, empires come and go, but the Church remains.

President G.W. Bush rightfully retaliated against Al Qaeda in
Afghanistan, but then used 9-11 to further the cause of the New
World Order in 2003 by invading Iraq (again).  The prospect of
maintaining a welfare state, a police state, and engaging in
foreign wars to prop up the New World Order, has
financially crippled the United States.
I believe the years ahead will be marked by particularly troubling times for the United States of America.  It is not likely that our fall will happen overnight.  Rather, as it has been since September 11, 2001, it is likely to be a slow and torturous devolution into dictatorship followed by anarchy.  Christians will be made to suffer through this, as we always are, and Catholic Christians most especially, because we always bear the brunt force of these waves, breaking the tide for others.  It is my own personal belief that God will soon use the United States government to chastise the U.S. Catholic Church, and bring her into compliance with God's will.  Then when the U.S. Catholic Church has been chastised and reformed, having completed its final purpose, the United States government will begin to fall rapidly.  Riots will erupt in the big cities, and nobody will be able to stop it.  The U.S. Capitol will likely be burned as a result.  Once that happens, the breakup of this great ship begins.  First the nation will split in half, then into four quarters, and who knows beyond that?  State governments will rival each other for supremacy over a region.  Some of these conflicts may turn violent.  In the end however, some form of equilibrium will be reached, and North America will end up looking a lot like Europe.

I should like to propose a possibility when this economic/political/social catastrophe finally comes to fruition.  Most of the English-speaking (Anglophone) world has managed to maintain a loose connection through what remains of the old British Empire.  I would propose that when the time comes, our English-speaking brethren from around the world offer a renewed bond with the remnants of the late great United States.  The smaller countries that arise from the ashes of America may benefit from such an alliance.  What I propose is something akin to the English Commonwealth, but a bit more consolidated insofar as language and law.  I am NOT talking about another empire.  We have certainly had more than our fill of that!   I'm talking about an Anglophone Commonwealth, made of English-speaking nation-states around the world, who are governed by English Common Law and Christian heritage.  However, that can't happen under the current monarchy in England, and I wouldn't trust any other manufactured institution to act in its place.  No, the monarchy must cease to be an instrument of heresy and corruption in the English-speaking world.  It must be made open to Catholics again.  For I have no doubt that when a practising Catholic sits on the British throne, the English-speaking peoples of the world will find their way again, and yes, that includes those of the former United States of America.