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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BREAKING: Cardinal Ranjith Wants SSPX To Run His Seminaries !!!

Cardinal Ranjith and Pope Benedict XVI
(WDTPRS) - The Archbishop of Colombo, Albert Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith Patabedinge would be ready to entrust the management and training of the seminarians of his Archdiocese to the SSPX. Such a step, according to the Cardinal would be possible if the SSPX is accepted and canonically erected. The Cardinal expects this project to improve training of future priests. The reports come from the Roman Rite website Messa in latino...
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Will wonders ever cease!?! Here we have an example of what many bishops in the Church feel, but now actually voiced by the good Cardinal himself. Have we found a successor to Pope Benedict XVI?

You can be sure that what Cardinal Ranjith has just voiced, other bishops will follow through should the much anticipated reconciliation happen between Rome and the SSPX. Can you imagine? Can you comprehend it? The wager has just been increased. We not only have the hope of a Personal Prelature for the SSPX, free of interference from local diocesan bishops, but NOW we have the prospect of various bishops throughout the world (following Cardinal Ranjith's lead) actually letting SSPX clergy control regular diocesan seminaries!

Rather than wait for the Church's reform, the SSPX is practically being given the chance to get out front and lead it!!! I would like to point out, these are not the Church's institutions making these offers. These offers are being made by individual men who are currently in power (for now) by the grace of God. Refusing these offers at this time would be a foolish choice indeed. It doesn't get any better than this. My advice is to seize hold of the opportunity now before it slips away. A moment like this does not come often in history.