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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Butler Did It !!!

Paolo "Paoletto" Gabriele
(Telegraph) - It is believed that Mr. Gabriele, who is known by the nickname Paoletto (little Paul) was held as he arrived for work at the Papal apartments in the Apostolic Palace behind St Peter’s and on Friday he was being held in custody – the first time in years the Vatican jail had been used.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said a man had been detained with “documents in his possession” adding that he was not supposed to have them and he went on to describe him as “a lay person and not a member of the clergy”.

The arrest comes a month after Pope Benedict appointed a special commission to investigate the series of damning and embarrassing leaks of sensitive Catholic Church documents from the Vatican....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As silly as it sounds, life imitating art and all, this actually makes perfect logical sense. The pope has enemies. We know this. Some of those enemies are within the Church and some of them are outside. I have always asserted that they work together, even if unknowingly. Those enemies will do anything to embarrass him, and if possible, undermine his work. This is well documented. We also know that some of his enemies within the Church will do anything to get close to him. How much closer to the pope can one get than his own personal butler? Think about it. The proximity this man would have to literally EVERYTHING the pope is doing.  It's astounding when you really stop and consider it. It's the perfect position for a mole -- the holy grail of espionage.

Did Paoletto work alone? I seriously doubt it. I'm pretty sure he was planted there by somebody else, and I suspect that somebody else may very well be within the Vatican. It would he helpful to investigate who played a role in getting him that position within the Vatican and what connections that person (or persons) may have. Of course it is always possible that this could be just some hack looking for a way to get rich quick by selling the information he obtained to the highest bidder. I don't think so however. This wreaks of something a little more clever, a little more carefully planned.