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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Fall of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: On Sunday, May 6th, 2012, the people of the new Europe sent a clear and unmistakable message to the leaders of the European Union -- "it's over." From Paris to Athens, the people have voted in accord with the words of many European leaders over the past couple years -- Multiculturalism is dead! It is an idea that has failed, miserably, and should be relegated to the historical scrap heap of bad ideas. Now, what to do with the wake of destruction it left behind?

Make no mistake about it, the French and Greek voters actually said the same thing last weekend. They just said it in different ways, which were specific to their particular circumstances. In France, the message was particularly financial in nature, in which the French people voted against European austerity measures, and against relinquishing any more sovereignty to the European Union. In Greece it was the same message, but much more profound, adding a cultural element. There the rejection of multiculturalism was more absolute, demanding a return to national identity and sovereignty.

The reaction of the mainstream liberal press in both Europe and North America was predictable. Any time nationalism begins to resurface, these shills of the Globalist elites immediately turn to cries of "extremism, fascism, racism and Nazism." This of course is designed to shut down all dialogue, marginalise the nationalists, and brainwash the general public against them. It's a tactic that has served them well in decades past but not so much any more. In Greece it's easy to demonise nationalists, because they have fully embraced the nationalist message, and that means fully rejecting the ideals of multiculturalism.  Of course, anything that is not multiculturalist is obviously racist, or at least that's what the media shills tell us.  In France however, it's a little harder, namely because the French have only rejected multiculturalism in a financial level so far. That however doesn't mean the cultural aspect is put aside. No, there have already been attempts to ban the burka and curb public demonstrations of Islamic prayer. In time the rejection of multiculturalism among French natives will arise to a level of open confrontation with French Muslims. Though it cannot be seen clearly now, France is well on its way toward a bloody civil war over this.  Greece, while in dire straights economically today, may actually overt a cultural disaster much worse by moving strongly toward nationalism now rather than later.

As the global economic debt situation worsens, and the effects of Islamic immigration into Europe become more evident, the European Union is destined to break apart.  However, don't expect the Globalists and Masonic elites to fade quietly into the night.  No, these a powerful men with ambitious dreams.  They will do whatever they think it takes to make those dreams come to realisation.  If they cannot crush nationalism on a political level, then they will try to burn it out physically, by orchestrating confrontations that will likely turn violent.  No matter how you slice it, Europe is destined for more civil unrest in the not-too-distant future.  The only way Europeans can avoid it is to lie down quietly, and let the multicultural globalists have their way.  It's becoming increasingly obvious however that is not going to happen.  So violence it shall be.  Remember that!  First comes the demonising of nationalists.  If that doesn't work, then violence will follow.  That's how it works in Europe.  The power brokers of the European Union have willed it so.

Don't think however that we Americans across the pond will escape all this.  The fall of multiculturalism in Europe will spell the end of the EU, and when the EU goes down, it's going to take a lot of American finance down with it.  That spells more economic trouble for the United States, which in turn compromises the integrity of the United States federal government.  Make no mistake about it; what European elites strive for in the EU, was already accomplished in the United States over a hundred years ago, even if it was by force here and there.  That amalgamated cultural "melting pot" that once was the late great United States was abandoned in the 1960s for the multiculturalist model, eventually resulting in a new form of factional nationalism emerging across the southern belt of America.  In the southwest, a new Hispanic nation is emerging, one that is neither Mexican nor American, but something in-between.  It is only a matter of time before this region of the United States seeks independence.  While in the southeast of Old Dixieland, many Americans are returning to the concept of states-rights in the form of "nullification" while others are reintroducing the talk of open "secession."  The window of opportunity is closing fast for the United States.  Either, the federal government introduces a healthy dose of American nationalism now, by closing the borders and regulating immigration tightly, or it will completely lose control in the not-too-distant future, resulting in the breakup of the USA eventually.

In the end, nationalism is not the normal state of the body politic in any nation.  Nationalism is not something that exists naturally.  Rather, it is a reaction to something, and in this case, it is a reaction to the failed policies of globalism and multiculturalism.  The people have tasted the fruits thereof, and it has caused them to gag.   Their reaction is being manifested in the form of nationalism.  The movers and shakers of both the EU and the USA would do well to listen to the nationalist message, and look to find ways to implement it in a fair and equitable way.