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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Game Changer - The Great Cosmic "Reset"

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Scientific studies reveal the day WILL come -- we just don't know when. WHEN it does, and it WILL happen eventually, the entire power grid of the entire world could be at risk. Even if just the North American continent were hit, it would end life as we know it in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Catholic prophecy seems to indicate that such an event is in store for our modern world, in the not-too-distant future, as part of God's great chastisement marking the end of our current (Enlightenment inspired) geo-political-economic system and paving the way for the return of Christendom. What would such an event do? Instantly, the world would be transported to a 1900 technology level, and the modern industrialised nations are the LEAST prepared for this. Electricity would cease instantly. Electrical lines would melt. Transformer stations would explode. Power plants would shut down. Telephones, mobile devices, and the Internet would instantly shut down -- permenantly. Televisions would be rendered useless. Radios might work for a short time so long as batteries and back-up power sources last. Within hours, hospital backup generators would fail. Patients would die, and artificial life-support systems would become a thing of the past. Whatever is left in the gas tanks of cars would be all they have left, as a lack of electricity would make pumping at the gas station impossible. Within a week (two at the most) all motor vehicles would become obsolete. Slowly, their parts would be stripped for materials. Within the same amount of time, mass starvation would set in within the industrialised modern nations (ill-prepared for such a scenario). The richest nations in the world would instantly become the poorest, within just a matter of weeks. Massive casualties would be expected, measuring in the tens of millions, just in North America. Similar numbers would be expected in Europe and Northern Asia, the Pacific rim and Oceania.

Just a simple little occurrence in nature, something that has occurred hundreds of times before in human history, would have the most dramatic effect ever on the human race. In the past, before electricity, such storms simply produced spectacular displays of Aurora Borealis (northern lights). No harm came to anyone. It was just a normal day followed by a beautiful night. Not this time. Next time it happens, tens of millions will die, maybe hundreds of millions, and the beauty of the event will be followed by the horror of the aftermath.

Is it God's fault? Is he playing evil tricks on us? No. God is just doing what he's always done, in allowing nature to take its course. He provided the earth's magnetic field which protects human flesh from the harmful rays of the sun. No. The only thing that has changed this time is man, specifically our modern civilisation, which has had plenty of time to grow and flourish, making us all dependent on it. God never bargained to protect man's electrical power grids. That was man's making, and man's responsibility to protect. That however, would cost a whole lot of money to devise a protection system, and that is why it will never happen. Greed is the root of all evil my friends, and greed is what is going to get us all killed in the end.

The prophecies of our saints tell us the time is short, and there is more to the great chastisement than just events dealing with the sun, but the sun is apparently a very big part of it.