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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To Stop Anti-Dixie Hysteria

Riley Collier with truck and flag
poses with Republic High School in the background.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Back in January of this year 'The Catholic Knight' reported on an incident in a nearby town called Republic Missouri. I drive through this town frequently to visit family and friends. The incident I reported on involved a young man in high school named Riley Collier. Riley attends Republic High School in Southwest Missouri.  He is a Southern gentleman who loves the symbols of our heritage. In particular, he likes to fly the Dixie flag, otherwise known as the Confederate Battle Flag, from the back of his pickup truck. He drove his truck to and from school and parked it in the school parking lot.  He was asked by school officials to remove the flag while the truck was parked on campus.  Riley complied, and removed the flag while the truck was parked.  He continued to fly the flag from his truck on the way to and from school.  For this Riley was suspended.  However, when he returned from suspension, his flag came with him.  This time Riley would remove the flag before entering the school parking lot, and then place it back on near the state highway when returning home.  In response, the school suspended his driving privileges and no longer allowed him to park on campus.  The incident made the local news.  Riley insists he is not a racist, and his display of the flag in no way carries a racial message.  He tells of it representing his heritage and way of life here in Southwest Missouri.  (Click here to learn why the Dixie flag is a holy symbol to many Southerners.)  His family is supportive of his actions, as are many Southwest Missourians.

Dixie flags such as this one are now seen all over
Republic Missouri
Since then there has been a backlash in the City of Republic.  The school superintendent has submitted his resignation which may (or may not) be related to multiple scandals surrounding the school, and this one may (or may not) be included in that list.  The exact reasons for the superintendent's resignation have been kept confidential.  However, the most interesting aspect of this whole case is the outpouring of support Mr. Collier has received from many of the citisens of Republic Missouri.  Ever since the story aired on local news, a number of Dixie flags have been spotted in Republic Missouri.  These are mostly on pickup trucks seen driving around the city.  One in particular is driven by a young black gentleman.  Parents are now picking up their children from Republic High School in pickup trucks sporting the Dixie flag.  The number of Dixie flags flown on flagpoles and on people's houses has increased as well.  They can be seen on bumper stickers, license plates, t-shirts and hats all around Republic Missouri.  The only place you can't seem to find them is on the shelves of the local Wal Mart, which may change if the demand for them continues to increase.  The outpouring of support by fellow Missourians for Mr. Collier is very encouraging and demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt that the heart of Dixie is still alive and well in the Ozark Mountains. 

This Confederate monument stands exactly one mile south
of Republic High School in Southwest Missouri
The irony to this whole story is that Republic High School is literally one mile north of a Confederate monument on Highway ZZ, and just 1.3 miles north of a major Civil War battlefield that was a Confederate victory!  (One wonders if the school officials knew any of this.)  The battlefield is a federal park that receives thousands of visitors each year.  The first Union general killed in the Civil War (General Nathaniel Lyon) gave his life there.  The Battle of Wilson's Creek, also known as the Battle of Oak Hills, though certainly not the largest, was considered one of the bloodiest battles in the entire war.  Dozens of Republic High School students drive past this battlefield and monument every day to and from school.

Confederate Monument
Springfield, Missouri
To make matters more interesting, there is a much larger Confederate monument and cemetery in Springfield Missouri.  There on the corner of Glenstone and Seminole one can view a larger monument erected in 1901 to the Confederate dead buried in that fine city.  The monument is in good condition, and bears a larger-than-life bronze statue of a typical Confederate soldier atop.  A bust of Confederate General Sterling Price is featured on the front, with two confederate battle flags adorning the sides of the monument.  On the back of the monument is a plaque commemorating the 501 Confederate dead that fell in the Battle of Wilson's Creek.  Most of their bodies are buried there in Springfield, many of them remain unidentified.

Confederate Cemetery
Springfield, Missouri
The incident in Republic Missouri serves as a great object lesson of how to deal with anti-Dixie hatred and Left-wing hysteria surrounding the Dixie flag.  You see in order to win an ideological war you must first understand it.  Let me dispense with the examination and just jump straight to the diagnosis.  (I have some medical knowledge of these things.)  Those who get hysterical about the display of the Dixie flag are not operating in a higher brain function.  The upper cerebral cortex (where logic and reason originate) is not engaged here.  Their hysteria and hatred for the flag is an emotional response, which is generated in the lower brain functions of the cingulate cortex and cerebellum.  This is why no amount of historical teaching or logical reason will satisfy them.  They are not operating on that upper level of brain function.  They are operating at a lower brain function which is closer to the "survival modes" and highly charged with emotion.  For whatever reason, whether it be personal experience, or media conditioning, the sight of the Dixie flag (Confederate Battle Flag) causes them to have an immediate lower brain function reaction, causing an adrenaline rush and a flood of negative emotions to follow.  They are in the "fight or flight" mode initially, then after they calm down (assuming they do calm down at all), they may try to say or do something to remove what is eliciting their negative brain stem response.  It's not that they won't reason.  It's that they can't.  Their emotions get in the way, which defaults their thinking back down to the lower brain functions.  Their attempt to remove the Dixie flag is simply an effort to protect their cingulate cortex and cerebellum from getting excited, which of course makes them feel uncomfortable.  Pity them, but don't hate them for this.  Sadly, so long as the mainstream media continues to promote this emotional response, the government education system (and government entities in general) will continue to coddle it.

Dixie flags are now flown from
houses and fences in Republic Missouri
This one was seen off Highway 174
There is no amount of logical reason or historical education that can help people with this problem.  One thing, and only one thing, can cure them.  That is desensitisation.  In other words, they must be desensitised to the very thing that is causing their cingulate cortex and cerebellum (lower brain) emotional response.  There is only one way to do this.  The Dixie Flag (Confederate Battle Flag) must be seen everywhere.  It must be flown from as many flagpoles as possible.  Placed on trucks, cars, t-shirts, hats, etc.  It literally must be flown everywhere and placed on everything.  If you're a tatoo kind of person, then consider getting one where everyone can see it.  If you like t-shirts, Visit Dixie Outfitters, or some other clothing outlet that sells them, and wear them proudly.  If you're a flag-waving kind of person, then you know what you need to do.  This is the battle plan folks.  It's the only battle plan that will work.  The South must be desensitised to the Dixie Flag, and we are the only ones who can do it.  Logical arguments and historical knowledge are helpful, but they will not win the battle.  The only thing we can do to win back the ground we have lost is to address the mental-emotional complex that is causing it.  Let's start desensitising folks!  It works.