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Monday, May 28, 2012

Liberal Catholics To Go Sedevacantist

Hans Küng
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  For decades the term "Sedevacantist" meaning "vacant chair" has been used to describe traditionalist Catholics who regard the pope as illegitimate because of various scandals within the Church.  These are small groups indeed, as not even the SSPX would qualify as so extreme.

The tables are about to be turned.  Hans Küng, a dissident "Catholic" and former priest in Switzerland, a leading voice of the liberal Modernist movement within the Catholic Church, has just delivered an ultimatum (read here), in which he basically declares that if Pope Benedict XVI officially reconciles and regularises the SSPX within the Catholic Church, he would effectively be forfeiting his papacy, making himself an anti-pope, and leaving the Chair of Peter vacant so long as he sits in it.

I find this encouraging, because it finally shows that some liberal Modernists (like Küng) are developing enough of a backbone to practice what they preach.  If they truly believe the Church should sacrifice its entire Catholicity in order to appease Protestants and Liberals, then they themselves should be willing to do the same.  Anything less is cowardice and hypocrisy.

Of course that is not what Küng is trying to do.  He's actually trying to start a war within the Catholic Church, dividing the clergy against the clergy, all the way up to the pope, in an attempt to undermine the institution itself, so that Modernists can take advantage of her during her time of weakness.  Whether Küng will be successful or not remains to be seen.  There aren't very many of his strip left still within the Church.  Most have moved on to other religions, or no religion at all.  The few Modernists like Küng left in the Church are old and feeble, having never demonstrated much backbone anyway.  Modernists have a tendency to speak loudly, but when it actually comes to putting action where their mouth is, that's pretty rare.  

My hope is that Hans Küng will successfully estrange himself from the Church and take a good number of liberal Modernists with him.  It's high time the word Sedevacantist apply to Liberal Modernists more than those attempting to faithfully keep the traditions of the faith.  The Catholic Knight wishes you well Mr. Hans Küng, and please, don't let the door hit you on the way out.