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Friday, June 22, 2012

ACTION ALERT - Missouri Christians

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I received word from a friend this afternoon that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has still not signed SB 749. For those of you not familiar, this legislation was passed by both houses of the Missouri legislature, and if signed into law by Governor Nixon, it would effectively nullify Obama's HHS mandate in the State of Missouri.

Obama's HHS mandate is a presidential diktat (executive order) that will require all religious institutions and employers to pay for contraception, sterilisation, and chemical abortions. SB 749 will nullify this in the state of Missouri, effectively insuring religious freedom for the people of the state.  This bill represents literally EVERYTHING the U.S. Catholic Bishops, the Southern Baptist Convention, and other religious institutions have been calling for.  If Missouri does this, other states will soon follow. If the governor fails to sign it, or vetoes it, other states will be more reluctant to follow suit with similar legislation. This really is a bellwether test for all of the states in the union.

The Catholic Knight is calling upon all Missouri Christians (of all types) to contact the Governor's office and tell him to SIGN SB 749 immediately! If you are not a Missourian, and you know somebody who is, please forward this information to them as quickly as possible.

This is serious! Please act immediately!!!

Governor Jay Nixon's office may be reached at...

Telephone: (573) 751-3222