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Monday, June 18, 2012

Euro-Egypt Elections = Worst Possible Results

Europe's Islamic Future Is Nearly Sealed
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Around the entire Mediterranean, the elections produced the worst possible result. France has gone totally Socialist – again – but that should be no surprise. Then of course the election results in Greece breathed new life into the Eurozone, at least temporarily, at the price of Greek sovereignty. Finally, we have the latest election results in Egypt which put the Muslim Brotherhood firmly in charge of the nation, again no surprise there, but the whole thing is a recipe for an epic catastrophe in the future. Just about everything that could go wrong has, and now we have the upcoming U.S. elections in November. Weeee!

It seems the only people in the world who have any pride in their cultural identity and national sovereignty these days are the Arab Muslims. So long as Europeans and Americans (particularly Southerners or “Dixians”) continue to ignore their cultural heritage and sacrifice their national sovereignty, things will only continue to get worse. There must be a cultural renewal. There must be the resurgence of nationalism (particularly in Dixie) or else we are finished. What will it take to wake people up?

We can point to the increasing dominance of the New World Order, which is simply a front for Secularised Yankee imperialism, governed by the financial cartels in New York. As the New World Order expands, it becomes less American (New England American that is) and more global in nature. It's defining characteristic is Secularism, which seeks to erase all traces of religion from public life, thus creating a sterile society which cannot stand on its own. We have seen the results of this most dramatically in Europe, where Christian religion is practically extinct, even it if still exists for tourists in art, history and museums. Europe is spiritually dead, and it has been for some time. Initially this resulted in the rise of occultism among European youth searching for meaning in life, but that quickly gave way to the organised encroachment of Islam. In addition to Muslim immigrants coming into Europe from the third world, and rapidly reproducing at a rate much faster than native Europeans, there is a growing number of white converts to Islam as well on the Eurozone continent. This is what happens when you deprive youth of their Christian heritage and raise them in a non-religious environment. First they experiment in the occult, then they turn to the most aggressive organised religion available. In this case it is Islam. Europeans are now midway between exchanging their Christian heritage for a Muslim future.

What of the United States and Canada? The story is pretty much the same, though thankfully, it is occurring at a much slower pace. Culturally speaking; Canada only trails Europe by about a decade, and the United States trails Europe by about two to two-and-a-half decades. However, the trend is similar. There are already Islamic "colonies" being erected in various Canadian cities, as well as Northern U.S. cities such as Dearborn Michigan for example. While the North American continent has not yet seen widespread white conversion to Islam, it has already experienced a fairly large black conversion to "Islam" during the 1960s and 70s. White Americans are still in the experimental occult stage, as we've seen evidenced by the overwhelming popularity of the Harry Potter franchise and "teenage witch" books and television shows. The rising popularity of vampire and werewolf tales is another sign of this. American youth have been deprived of their Christian religious heritage for too long, and they are now turning to the occult, just as their European counterparts did a few decades ago. Unorganised pagan religions always fail. History has demonstrated this time and time again. The best organisation Paganism has ever produced was under the Roman Empire, and of course history again tells us what a miserable failure that was. No, the occult and folk religions always give way to the eastern organised religions -- guaranteed -- and of the two eastern organised religions to choose from there is only Christianity or Islam. Rejection of one's Christian heritage can only mean one thing to a young person -- all there is left is Islam. I know Americans will have a hard time believing that such a thing could ever happen in America, but I tell you it is already happening, just on a small scale. That scale will grow in the years ahead.

There is only one way out of this. There is only one way to turn back the clock. There is only one way to regain what was lost, and yet it is the one thing so many people seems so unwilling to do. What is it? Go back to church!  However, you had better find a good Traditionalist one.

The problem here is that liberal Modernism has infected most American churches, as well as Canadian, and this is a cancer that destroys the Christian faith.  Among the Protestants, Modernism has fractured their denominations even more than previous centuries, as Traditionalist splinter groups spin off the mainline denominations.  Within the Catholic Church there is a war going on, between Modernists and Traditionalists, for the future of Catholicism.  The Traditionalists are currently the smaller group, but they are also the younger, as the Modernist wing of Catholicism grows old and grey.  Yet, in the face of what is happening in our culture, I would have to say the debate is over.  Traditionalism is the only course left, or else face eventual extinction.  Modernism just leads to Secularism, and Secularism leads to nowhere.