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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Islamic Caliphate Coming Soon - Thanks To USA

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Thanks to American sponsoring of uprisings (as in Egypt), training and arming rebels (as in Libya and Syria), and coordinating bombing campaigns as well as invasions (as in Libya and Iraq), the dream of a radical Islamic caliphate may soon come to pass.

Remember how in previous entries, I told you how the United States is working to organise the world into economic trading blocks? This is the mechanism of the New World Order, which is really just Yankee Imperialism by another name. The orchestrated uprising against Middle Eastern powers began as covert CIA operations under the G.W. Bush administration. After years of hard work, they are now reaching their fruition under the Obama administration. The goal is to create a "United Arab States" or "Arabian Union" comparable to the United States of America and the European Union. Of course, while America had hoped to create a democracy, we all know this is to be replaced with a theocracy called a "caliphate" which will behave more like an empire than a confederacy.

The United States federal governments cares nothing about the Christians in the Middle East who will soon suffer under this new regime in Egypt, just as they already suffer in Iraq, and are beginning to suffer in Syria. Washington DC continues its plan to dominate the world through the United Nations, and the lives of Christians in the Middle East are but a small price to pay. Besides, most American Evangelicals aren't even aware of their existence.

UPDATE 6-26-2012...

It appears the UK, and possibly other western powers of the New World Order (NWO), in addition to the USA is now actively involved in Syria.  (read more here)  As a result of this, President Assad has declared an all-out war, which is a marked change in his rhetoric.  This indicates the situation in Syria has deteriorated out of control.  U.S. backed rebels (radical Islamist jihadists) have now made their way into the capitol and fighting has apparently broken out in the streets.  The recent news of involvement from the UK and other NWO powers indicates that phase two of an Assad regime-change has gone into effect.  In another interesting development, Russia has now pledged to back the Assad regime.  If Russian President Vladimir Putin makes good on this pledge, we are looking at a full scale proxy war between Russia and the NWO.  Should Syria fall to NWO forces, the radical Islamist jihadists will turn Syria into a mirror image of Egypt and Libya.  Completing a semi-circle of radical Islamic nations from North Africa to Turkey (which is slowly becoming radical).  The only nations that will stand in the way will be Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Iran.  King Abdullah II of Jordan will likely turn to radicalism quickly in the face of such a situation, or else face the threat of "regime-change" himself.  King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, already friendly with the NWO, has just pledged support to the radical Syrian rebels.  Lebanon will quickly fall shortly after Syria does.  So all that really stands in the way of the NWO is Israel and Iran.  We know the NWO's plans for Iran.  The only question then is what role does Israel play in the NWO?  And will it be allowed to continue to exist?  It would appear the NWO has promised the Sunni Arabs a Caliphate.  I cannot imagine a Caliphate and Zionists living together peacefully.