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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Obamacare Prompts Missouri To Declare Legal War On Federal Government

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  The measure was quietly introduced to the Missouri State Legislature earlier this year, but now that Obamacare has been rubber stamped by the Supreme Court, it could see a surge of support in coming weeks.  Missouri is now weighing a state constitutional amendment that would would effectively declare a legal war on the United States Federal Government.

It's called "Nullification" and what that basically means is the states (not the federal courts) are the final arbitrators on all federal laws. It's a very Jeffersonian idea that goes back to the Anti-Federalist arguments during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. America's founding fathers envisioned the United States as a compact of independent and sovereign states (countries) that each agree to loan some of their powers to a centralised federal government. These powers are on loan, which means they are not absolute, and so when the federal government abuses these powers, the states can simply refuse to enforce whatever abusive laws they pass. It's not secession, like what happened in 1860, but it is one step short of that. SJR 45 would effectively keep Missouri within the Union of the United States of America, but would simultaneously create a stalemate between the federal government and the Missouri state government. In other words, the only way the federal government would be able to enforce federal laws that Missouri opposes would be to send in federal troops and do it themselves! Such a proposition would be highly embarrassing to Washington DC in the international press. The text of SJR 45 currently reads as follows...
SJR 45 - Upon approval by the voters, this constitutional amendment prohibits the Missouri legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government from recognizing, enforcing, or acting in furtherance of any federal action that exceeds the powers delegated to the federal government.

The state also shall not recognize, enforce, or act in furtherance of any federal actions that: restrict the right to bear arms; legalize or fund abortions, or the destruction of any embryo from the zygote stage; require the sale or trade of carbon credits or impose a tax on the release of carbon emissions; involve certain health care issues; mandate the recognition of same sex marriage or civil unions; increase the punishment for a crime based on perpetrator's thoughts or designate a crime as a hate crime; interpret the establishment clause as creating a wall of separation between church and state; or restrict the right of parents or guardians to home school or enroll their children in a private or parochial school or restrict school curriculum.

The state is also required to interpret the U.S. Constitution based on its language and the original intent of the signers of the Constitution. Amendments to the U.S. Constitution shall be interpreted based on their language and the intent of the congressional sponsor and co-sponsors of the amendment.

The amendment also declares that Missouri citizens have standing to enforce the provisions of the amendment and that enforcement of the amendment applies to federal actions taken after the amendment is approved by the voters, federal actions specified in the amendment, and any federal action, regardless of when it occurred, that the general assembly or the Missouri Supreme Court determines to exceed the powers enumerated and delegated to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution.
The potential amendment reflects the level of frustration that American citizens (especially in the South and Midwest) have felt toward the federal government in recent decades. Regardless of its success or failure in the legislature, the very notion that such a resolution could successfully be introduced to the legislature in the first place is a symptom of just how badly the situation has deteriorated between the American people and their federal government in Washington DC.

Other states across the Union are considering similar legislation and constitutional amendments. Increasingly, the people of the United States are turning to their state governments to save them from the encroaching tyranny of the federal government on virtually all legal fronts. It would appear Washington DC has grown too big and too powerful for a a sizeable portion of the U.S. population. The backlash has begun and there is no end in sight.

Missouri supporters of SJR 45 should contact their Missouri state representative and senator to encourage further support of this resolution. Your Missouri representatives can be found HERE.