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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pope Sends Hint To U.S. Government About Syria

Pope Benedict XVI
(Vatican Insider) - “May our prayer, our commitment and our active brotherhood in Christ, - the Pope said - as an oil of consolation, help them not to lose sight of the light of hope in this moment of darkness, and obtain from God wisdom of heart for all in positions of responsibility so that bloodshed and violence, that only bring pain and death, may cease and give way to reconciliation, harmony and peace.”

Benedict XVI then addressed the international community: “Every effort should be made, including by the international community, to bring Syria out of the present situation of violence and crisis, which has already lasted a long time and risks becoming a wider conflict that would have highly negative consequences for the country and the whole region...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Hint... Hint... This is a great big hint, and it's aimed directly toward Washington DC. It's impossible to believe that the pope is unaware of American involvement in supporting, arming and training the Islamist rebels in Syria (read more here) who are entirely responsible for this bloodshed against Syrian Christians.